17 Weeks Pregnant Guide – List of Tips and Precautions

During 17 weeks of pregnancy, it is very common to feel dizzy. Basically, this happens when you change your position quickly. You need to slow down now. Also, your baby is gaining weight at a rapid pace. The uterus is expanding it will form pressure on the abdominal organs. Due to this, you may feel heartburn. This is also the time to feel your baby movements. Read the complete article on 17 weeks pregnant guide to know more!

17 Weeks Pregnant Guide

17 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

When you are in week 17 of pregnancy, you’ll experience symptoms such as-


  • Sensitive Skin – As the baby grows, your skin also becomes very sensitive due to stretching. You will feel the urge to scratch your belly and boobs but control.
  • Fluids Discharge – Your blood flow increases during pregnancy that causes the discharge of body fluids. These body fluids are in the form of sweat, vaginal discharge, mucus etc.
  • Weight Gain – As your appetite returns you’ll start to weight-gain gradually during the second trimester. However, make sure the weight gain is not sudden or excessive.
  • Stretch marks – It will start to appear on the skin as the skin is stretching. You can’t avoid them completely however drink enough water to hydrate yourself. Also, apply a good quality moisturiser or anti-stretch marks cream or oil. This will reduce the stretch marks.


  • Weird dreams – You may get strange dreams. This is happening because of the hormones. So don’t stress out if you see some weird dreams. They are probably due to new thoughts and the anxiety of pregnancy process.
  • Hormonal Changes – Some women develop patches on their skin that are brown/red in colour. It may be caused due to hormonal changes. Make sure not to expose yourself to UV radiation. Always apply a sunscreen before going out in the sun. Hormones may also cause bleeding in the gums and tooth decay. Maintaining oral hygiene is utmost important. Go for regular checkups to the dentist and also use a soft toothbrush.
  • Heartburn – You may also experience heartburn in the second trimester of pregnancy. The hormones make the muscles of the digestive tract to relax and slow down. This causes the gastric acids to move up till the oesophagus. Thus, it results in heartburn.
  • Blood pooling – The growing uterus exerts pressure on the veins carrying blood. These veins carry from legs to the heart. While performing this task the backflow of blood is reduced. This results in blood pooling in the nerves causing Varicose veins.
  • Dizziness – Fainting or dizziness is another common pregnancy symptom. We already know that the blood flow to the uterus has increased. Due to this, there can be a reduced blood supply to the brain. It decreases the blood pressure and results in dizziness. A reduction in the level of blood sugar may also result in dizziness.

Common Problems During Week 17 Pregnancy

In 17th week of pregnancy, heartburn may be the most common problem. As the uterus expands, the belly will continue growing. This causes pressure on the abdominal organs and the stomach. Also the hormones, estrogen and progesterone cause relaxation of muscles from the digestive tract.

Your eyes may also feel very itchy and dry. Use eye drops by the doctor’s suggestion. The growing belly may make you feel unsteady and lose balance. Avoid activities which may make you trip and fall. Also discuss with the doctor if you have any problems or doubts.

Precautions During 17th Week of Pregnancy

Following are the precautions –

17 Weeks Pregnant guide – General Precautions

  • Your center of gravity starts to change as your belly is growing. You may feel a little unbalanced on your feet. So, start to wear flat or low-heeled footwear. This will reduce the risk of trip and fall.
  • Avoid doing heavy workouts which may make you tired and drained out. Instead do moderate physical exercise to be fit and active.
  • By this time you’ll have a higher risk for urinary tract infections. To avoid these never wait to urinate or delay passing urine. Also do not douche or wipe from back to front.
  • Avoid taking treatments which include exposure to radiations or X-ray etc. It can affect the growth and development of your baby.
  • If you’re on medication then ask your doctor for the pre-existing diseases. He will suggest you if it’s ok to safely consume them during pregnancy.
  • Avoid going to saunas or hot tubs. Since the environment temperature is higher than the normal temperature of the body.
  • Start doing exercise regularly. You can do brisk walks, jogging, swimming or yoga. Start with pelvic muscle exercises. Check with your doctor about the recommended exercises for you.

17 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Diet Precautions

In pregnancy, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet. Remember what you eat will affect your baby’s growth and development.

Dietary Dos


  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids – It must be included in the food. Your body and the baby will need essential fatty acids. It is required to reduce the possibility of premature labour. Also required for the development of brain, nerves and eyes. Simultaneously it reduces low birth weight, mental retardation etc. Make sure that your diet has essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6, 9. This is present in freshwater fish such as light tuna, olive oil and nuts.
  • Vitamin D – Get your daily intake of Vitamin D from the food. Light tuna, egg yolk, fish liver oil, etc are its source. You can also expose to sunlight to fulfil the requirement of vitamin D.
  • Iron and Folic acid – Include foods rich in iron and folic acid. Your body needs to produce 3-6 extra litres of blood during pregnancy. A diet rich in iron helps in making extra blood and folic acid saves the baby from birth defects, neural tube defects etc. Take folic acid and iron supplements as recommended by your doctor. Include natural sources of folic acid in diet e.g. Beetroot, broccoli etc.
  • Calcium – If you don’t provide enough calcium to the growing foetus then the body starts to use calcium reserves from the mother’s body. This can be the reason of problems like osteoporosis in future. So, ensure to have 2 glasses of milk or around 500 gm of curd. These will act as a good supplementation to your calcium tablets. The doctor will prescribe a calcium pill and vitamin D to you. Your body and the baby would need a high amount of calcium. This will be required for healthy bone development in babies.

Fibrous Food and Meat

  • Fresh Fruits – You must eat a lot of fresh fruits during pregnancy as it has loads of minerals and vitamins, high fibre content and water content. They provide healthy calories to the body.
  • Fibrous Food – You must consume plenty of fibrous foods which will give you relief from constipation like symptoms. Eat high fibre foods such as spinach, oats, whole grains etc. Also drink a lot of water because fibrous foods absorb moisture from the body during digestion.
  • Meat – Include meat and meat products in your diet. Keep in mind that it has to be cooked thoroughly.

Thus, include all food groups in your pregnancy diet plan. Such as whole grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables etc.

Dietary Don’ts

Which food you should avoid during the 17th week of pregnancy?

It is also important to avoid few foods during pregnancy which are –

  1. Tea/Coffee – Do not drink coffee or at least minimize the intake. Caffeine intake has to be minimised up to 2 cups a day. It can cause many birth defects or premature birth. Remember that caffeine may be present in certain other food items like chocolates. So, read the labels before you consume.
  2. Undercooked or Raw Meat – Do not consume undercooked or raw meat, seafood, eggs etc. Since they contain disease-causing microorganisms.
  3. Unpasteurised milk products – Do not eat unpasteurised milk products which may harbour harmful pathogens. So, avoid soft cheese like Brie, Camembert etc, unpasteurised milk.
  4. Refined flour or Maida – It is difficult to digest. And it can cause constipation and haemorrhoids. So, avoid Maida products like noodles, pizza, samosas, momos etc. Instead opt for whole grain or multigrain flours.
  5. Dry Fruits – Avoid eating too much of dry fruits. They are very rich and warm by nature and can induce contractions.
  6. Fast Food/Street Food – It is true that fast-food and street food tempt you a lot. But you cannot guarantee the hygiene of the kitchen, containers and foodstuff. It can cause water-borne infections like typhoid or cause food poisoning. Opt for homemade chaats, pizza, burger etc.
  7. Seafood – Do not consume seafood which is rich in mercury. It is a compound that can cause mental retardation in your baby. For Instance – Swordfish, shark, tilapia fish etc.

Strictly Forbidden in Pregnancy

  • Alcohol – It’s not recommended to drink alcohol as it is injurious to health. Same applies during pregnancy. It can hamper the foetus growth or cause birth defects like foetal alcohol syndrome.
  • Smoking – Stop smoking as it can be even life-threatening for the foetus. It can decrease the birth weight. Because many health risks, cause developmental problems or infections in the foetus. It also decreases the immunity. It can also cause sudden infant death syndrome.

Remember what you eat will affect your baby’s growth and development. You must intake a lot of fruits, vegetables, protein. This will provide you daily dose of vitamins, iron, calcium and folic acid.

17 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

How is your baby growing and developing during 17th week of pregnancy?

The baby is quickly growing. In this week 17 of pregnancy following changes will begin to occur –

  • The ultra-thin skin of baby is stretched over its body. The blood vessels supplying oxygenated blood to the baby are visible through the translucent skin.
  • The baby’s legs will be almost disproportionate to rest of the body. They would be longer than the arms. And will be flexed at the ankles and knees. Maintain the intake of milk and milk products in your diet. This is essential as calcium deposition has begun already in baby’s little bones.
  • The sex of your baby will be obvious at this phase. The ovaries of a girl baby will have the eggs approximately 3 million. The testicles for a boy baby will be sitting up in the abdomen.
  • Small nipples will start appearing on the chest wall of baby.
  • The deciduous teeth or primary teeth must have formed in the gums. Fluoride which is present in drinking water is required in minute amounts. It is required to form strong enamel on the teeth.
  • The baby can stretch; make facial expressions and even yawn. It is sleeping most of the time in your tummy. But will want to exercise sometimes by moving those muscles.
  • The baby will also start to form fingerprints now. This is a true marker that can separate your baby from the rest. Since none of us can have same fingerprints.
  • The skeleton of baby will change from cartilage to bone. Also the umbilical cord which grow thicker and stronger.

Baby Size in 17th Week of Pregnancy

What is baby size in 17th week of pregnancy?

In 17th week of pregnancy your baby is approximately 13 cm long. And baby’s size is that of a turnip.

17 Weeks Pregnant Guide

17 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Parental Care

What parental care is needed during the 17th week of pregnancy?

During week 17 of pregnancy, you may have your prenatal doctor’s appointment. The doctor will check the growth of baby by doing an ultrasound scan. During this visit, the doctor and you may also hear heartbeat of baby. Genetic screening and routine blood tests would be also done during this time. If you notice any unusual symptom and want certain test to be done. Ask your doctor immediately and it will be good for your baby.

Changes in feelings in 17th Week of Pregnancy

How will you feel during 17th week of pregnancy?

What changes you will experience in feelings during the 17th week of pregnancy?

By 17th week of pregnancy, you may feel a little unstable and unsteady. It will be challenging to keep balance on your feet. Since the belly is growing it will affect the center of gravity. Avoid any activities that can make you trip and fall. Start wearing flat or low heeled footwear.

You will also feel heartburn symptoms during this time. Avoid fatty or spicy foods. Drink as much water as possible.

You have always been an independent individual. But now you may feel the need to ask for help. Don’t hesitate to involve your partner. You’ll also experience different dreams which will be sometime strange. This is normal during pregnancy.

Changes in 17th Week of Pregnancy

What changes you will experience during week 17 of pregnancy?

The nails will become brittle and will grow very fast.

The quality of your hair may become better thereby becoming voluminous and shiny.

You’ll also feel heartburn symptoms during this time. Avoid fatty or spicy foods. Drink as much water as possible.

Avoid any activities that can make you trip and fall. Start wearing flat or low heeled footwear. You may feel a little unstable and unsteady. It will be challenging to keep balance on your feet. Since the belly is growing it will affect the center of gravity.

Change in Look During 17th Week of Pregnancy

Your skin may be glowing and you’ll get compliments for the pregnancy glow. The breasts will continue to look fuller as the milk glands are developing. The belly will become more and more noticeable. You will also feel energetic and active.

Sex During 17th Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during 17th week of pregnancy?

Indulging in sexual intercourse is safe if you don’t go wild. And do it softly without harming the foetus. It is ok to do only in case of low risk of pregnancies. However, your doctor may not allow you to have sex due to some complications. These complications may be miscarriage history, preterm labour or any other reason.

17 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Doctor Consultation

In 17th week of pregnancy, you might attend your prenatal doctor’s appointment. He’ll discuss with you about baby’s health and its growth and development. Screening tests will be for genetic abnormalities like spina bifida and Down syndrome.

He’ll also talk to you about the weight gain. Ask for your diet plan and kind of exercise that you are doing. Do not be scared to check any kind of symptoms you are experiencing. These symptoms can be anything like energy level, dry eyes, heartburn, dizziness etc.

Test/ Procedure in 17th Week of Pregnancy

What are the tests or procedures you should have in 17th week of pregnancy?

  • Doctor performs an ultrasound scan to check the amount of amniotic fluid. He’ll also check the heartbeat and also see the baby’s growth and development.
  • The doctor will also do your physical examination. He’ll check your weight, blood pressure, and also measure the size of uterus.
  • Blood tests are done to check for any kind of genetic abnormalities. These tests check for birth defects like spina bifida or Down syndrome. The blood glucose levels will also be examined to check for gestational diabetes.

Supplements in 17th Week of Pregnancy

Do you need to take supplements during 17th week of pregnancy?

You must continue to take folic acid supplements during this week. Not only for this week only but also throughout your pregnancy. Folic acid protects the child from neural tube defects like spina bifida, birth defects, etc.

You’ll be also asked to take calcium and vitamin D supplements. However, it’s important to include natural sources of calcium, vitamin D and folate in your diet.

17 Weeks Pregnant Guide -Important points to Know

What is important to know from 17 weeks of pregnant guide?

In this week you will be feeling active and energetic. Your appetite may come back which will make you feel hungry. However, you will continue to experience symptoms like heartburn, constipation, dizziness etc. You may also feel a little unstable. This is because your centre of balance is changing due to enlarged belly. Make sure that you wear flat footwear to avoid any trip and falls. The baby must be growing rapidly inside the uterus. If you’ve doubts related to your pregnancy then don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for baby’s birth?

In this week you may be feeling your energy levels renewed. Some women want to clean their house from top to bottom. It is done as a part of nesting process. Keep in mind that household cleaners are toxic in nature. So, read the labels before using them. Also open the containers only in well ventilated room. And do not inhale any fumes.

You must be doing moderate exercises to maintain your body fit and healthy. Join a yoga class or anything that you enjoy. Check with your doctor if it is safe during pregnancy. Also discuss with your trainer and let them know which month of pregnancy you are in.

Now you know all the details of 17 weeks of pregnant guide. So, give a kickstart to all these pregnancy dos and don’ts.


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