19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – All the Important Tips to Know!

In 19 week of pregnancy, the baby looks red. This is due to the presence of blood below the translucent skin. As the foetus continues to grow, mothers discomfort will keep increasing. Your feet and ankles may be swelled so, keep them elevated while seating. Read further to know more about 19 weeks pregnant guide.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide

Symptoms of 19th Week Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of 19th week pregnancy?

Ligament Pain

In the coming weeks, your tummy will start to grow faster. This may cause pain in your lower part of the abdomen. It may happen occasionally while you shift your position after an eventful day. This is referred to as ligament pain. The uterus supporting muscle ligaments get stretched to accommodate the increasing weight of tummy. You don’t have to worry about it. But if the pain is severe or unbearable then call your doctor.

Skin Changes

You’ll notice some changes in your skin. This may be happening due to the hormones. You’ll notice dark skin patches appearing on your cheeks, upper lips, forehead etc. Also, you’ll observe darkening on the areolas, inner thighs, vulva, and underarms. The dark line between the belly button and the pubic bone will start appearing. This dark line is called as Linea nigra. These dark spots and marks will disappear eventually post-delivery. Apply sunscreen while going out to protect your skin from the pigment changes.

Hunger Pangs

You may feel hungry constantly and this is a very good sign. As this reflects your baby is growing and developing. Keep your handbag filled with healthy snacks to munch on whenever hungry.


This is another very common pregnancy side effect. Increase the intake of fibrous foods and water to reduce constipation symptoms.

Stuffed Nose

The pregnancy hormones may result in swelling of your nasal passages. This may make you difficult to breathe. Unblock your nose by closing one nostril and gently blowing the other nostril.


The growing uterus puts additional pressure on the lower back. Do not lift anything heavy. Also start with pregnancy exercises to increase endurance and strength.


This is another common symptom of pregnancy. In this, you may feel that you are going to faint. It happens since the growing uterus is putting pressure on the blood vessels. Not only that the foetus is also crowding the lungs. This makes less oxygen available resulting in dizziness. Other reasons can also be hunger, dehydration etc. So, make sure to eat small portions of meals at regular intervals. Also, drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated.

Pain in the Hips

If hip pain is bothering you, then try to sleep on the sides. Get the support of a pillow placed in between knees. The pregnancy body pillows are a very good investment to make during pregnancy. It helps the mother to sleep comfortably.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Common Problems

The common problems during week 19 of pregnancy are dizziness and backaches. The uterus is enlarged and so, the weight gain in the belly. Due to this you may experience ache in the back. It can also happen if you sit or stand for a longer time. The increased volume of blood in the body and low blood pressure causes dizziness. It may make you unsteady on the feet and feel nauseated. Falling can be risky for your baby and you. Lie down on the left side or sit if you feel light-headed. If these symptoms get severe then you must talk to your doctor.

Precautions/Warning During Week 19 of Pregnancy

What precautions you should take during week 19 of pregnancy?
You will have to follow the same precautions as in week 18.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

In week 19 of pregnancy, fat starts to develop on your baby’s body. The baby will still be very skinny. It will be covered in a greasy, waxy, white substance. This white substance is made of oil, dead skin cells and hair. It is referred to as vernix caseosa. And it protects the baby’s soft and delicate skin from the amniotic fluid. Without the vernix caseosa layer, the baby looks like having bath from 9 months. Babies generally will lose the layer of vernix caseosa before birth. However, some may still have it, that’s cleaned by the nurse post-birth.

During the 19th week of pregnancy, the skin starts to lose its translucent look. Also, it begins to develop pigmentation which will be determining baby’s skin colour. Baby’s skin pigmentation will be developing continuously. In fact, it’ll be a continuous process after the baby’s birth and even during childhood.

This is the time when the baby begins to move a lot. So, you may feel some tiny movements or fluttering. However, if you haven’t started to feel any movements, then it is ok.  Don’t worry that something is wrong. It depends on your weight and also the position of the baby.

The arms and legs of the baby are in proportion now.  And they have better control as the cartilage starts hardening to the bones.

Baby’s body is working hard to grow healthy and strong especially its heart. During the Doppler tests, you’ve noticed that the baby’s heartbeats much faster than yours.

The brain will be also developing with a sense of taste, vision, hearing, touch and smell.

If it is a baby girl, then it’ll develop all its reproductive eggs. Boys do not develop sperms until they hit puberty.

Baby Size in 19th Week of Pregnancy

What is the baby size in 19th week of pregnancy?
In 19th week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 15.3 cm long. And the size is that of an heirloom.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide

19 Weeks Pregnant guide – Parental Care

What parental care is needed during the 19th week of pregnancy?

  • During week 19 of pregnancy, morning sickness must have reduced a lot. However, heartburn, flatulence and indigestion will continue to occur. The foetus movements happening inside can be felt by the mother.
  • Keep in mind to eat nutritious, healthy and balanced food. To check weight-gain, eating small frequent meals and drinking enough water is recommended.
  • The doctor will do an ultrasound for measuring baby’s growth and foetal anatomy. The ultrasound will also help in confirming the expected due date. The doctor may also recommend you to do a urine test and blood tests. If you’ve any queries on prenatal care, then check with your doctor.

Changes in 19th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnant women can find changes in their looks, feelings, and experiences.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in feelings

How will you feel during the 19th week of pregnancy?
In this period, you may experience slight fluttering in your tummy. These are often baby movements. You’ll feel very excited to experience this feeling of being pregnant. Usually, your hands will be on your tummy to experience your baby movements.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Experience

What changes you will experience during week 19 of pregnancy?

In 19th week of pregnancy, you’ll notice changes in your posture and weight. Also, you’ll experience the changed centre of gravity due to the large belly size. This may make you lean at the back. And also may cause backaches.
You’ll also notice some changes in your skin. You may experience dark patches on some areas of your body. The forehead, cheeks, upper lip, inner thighs and nipples get dark in pregnancy. A dark line called linea nigra will also appear. This line runs from your naval area to your pubic zone. Dark patches may also appear on your face. However, they’ll eventually lighten and finally, go away after delivery.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Change in Look

How will you look like during the 19th week of pregnancy?

By now, your tummy will be enlarged and breast will be fuller. You’ll appear pregnant now. Some women also experience shiny and thick hair. You’ll note dark patches on cheeks, upper lip, underarms, nipples, forehead, and inner thigh. This is very common and these patches will lighten after giving birth. The skin has become very sensitive to light so, apply sunscreen for outdoors.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Diet

During the 19th week of pregnancy, you’ll need 347 calories extra daily. You must focus to get these calories from calcium, proteins and other healthy sources. Limited intake of fatty additives, sugar or simple carbohydrates, is recommended. At this stage, you may feel hungrier so, try to eat small meals at regular intervals. You can eat a bowl of fruits, vegetable salads, or a hand full of dried nuts etc.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Dietary Dos

What should you eat during the 19th week of pregnancy?
You should eat the following during your pregnancy –

Whole Grain Food

It comprises of 3 parts of the grain i.e. bran, endosperm and germ. They’re a very rich source of magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin E etc. You can choose your favourite whole grain foods like wheat, corn, ragi etc. You can have them in many forms like breakfast cereals, bread, pasta, muffins etc. They can satisfy your need for breakfast, mid day snack, evening snack, desserts etc.

Protein Rich Food

A protein-rich food is considered the best food in this week of pregnancy. The amino acids present in proteins are the building blocks of the body. Since skin, muscles, organs they all need proteins for developing and sustaining themselves. Chicken, pulses, cereals, eggs etc. are rich in protein. So it should be a part of your diet. Steamed chickpeas, paneer, tofu, soya chunks are also rich sources of proteins.

Calcium-Rich Food

You must also incorporate an increased amount of calcium in your pregnancy diet chart. That’ll help the baby to develop a strong skeletal system and strong teeth. Include dried dates, figs, mulberries, prunes and kiwis that are rich sources of calcium. Also consume dairy products like paneer, cheese, low-fat milk, yoghurt etc.

Fibrous Food

Make sure to include food rich in fibre in your pregnancy diet. This gives relief from constipation symptoms. For instance – Vegetables, fruits, oats, nuts, wheat, barley etc. Start eating a bowl of mix vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, beetroot etc. Don’t use pickled vegetables and salad dressing as it has high sodium content.

Increase Amount of Fluids

You must intake a lot of fluids during pregnancy. Drinking lot of water keeps the constipation symptoms at bay. You should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. It helps to prevent any Urinary tract Infection which is common during pregnancy. Bored with drinking plain water? Then you can drink fresh fruit juice, coconut water, lemonade etc.

Fruits and Green Leafy Vegetables

Fruits taste delicious and are packed with vitamins and minerals. You can take fruits like avocados, grapes, apples, banana, litchi, oranges, berries etc. Also, you can mix fruits with fresh cream or yoghurt. Vegetables like palak, turnip leaves, lettuce, fenugreek, are loaded with nutrients.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Dietary Donts

Which food you should avoid during the 19th week of pregnancy?
There’re many foods that you should avoid during pregnancy. These are –

  1. No carbonated beverages – They contain sugar, caffeine and unhealthy calories which should be avoided during pregnancy.
  2. No tropical fruits – You must completely avoid eating pomegranate, pineapple and papaya. They induce contractions in the uterus and can even cause miscarriage.
  3. Don’t consume alcohol since alcohol isn’t proved to be safe during pregnancy. It can cause foetal alcohol syndrome in babies that can cause many complications.
  4. Avoid smoking since it can affect the development of babies causing abnormalities. It can hinder the supply of oxygen thereby affecting the baby’s respiratory system. This can result in stillbirth and miscarriage.
  5. Stop drinking too much tea and coffee. You can drink a minimum of 2 cups of coffee daily which is maximum 200 mg/day. Chocolate also has a presence of caffeine so resist the urge to eat them.
  6. Prevent yourself from eating fast foods and street foods etc. They have unhealthy calories present in them and can increase your weight. Losing this weight post-pregnancy becomes very difficult. Secondly, you cannot keep an eye on how hygienically these foods are prepared.
  7. Avoid eating seafood rich in mercury. E.g. Swordfish, tilapia fish, shark etc.
  8. Don’t eat undercooked or raw meat products, eggs, poultry fish etc. They may carry pathogenic microorganisms which can cause diseases like food intoxication etc.

Sex During 19th Weeks of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during the 19th week of pregnancy?

It is completely safe to have sex in week 19 of pregnancy. Make sure you do it gently without causing any harm to the baby. In some cases, doctors won’t allow some couples having sex. If there is a history of miscarriage, preterm labour etc then avoid sex. Also, ensure that you and your partner are free from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Doctor Consultation

In 19th week of pregnancy, you may be meeting your doctor monthly. A doctor will discuss with you about the growth and development of the foetus. He’ll also talk about your due date of delivery. There’ll be the observance of symptoms you are experiencing and the severity of those symptoms. Talk to him about your weight gain, exercise routine, diet plan etc. If you have any doubts or queries you must discuss them with the doctor.

Test/ Procedure in 19th Week of Pregnancy

What are the tests or procedures you should have in 19th week of pregnancy?

The doctor will do some routine blood tests to check iron and sugar levels. Routine urine tests will be also recommended for protein test and sugar levels. Discuss with your doctor if you have queries about tests or procedures required.

Supplements in 19th Week of Pregnancy

You must continue taking supplements of folic acid, calcium and vitamin D. These supplements are required throughout pregnancy. It’ll protect the baby from neural tube defects, a birth defect such as spina bifida etc.
Also include foods rich in natural sources of folate, vitamin D and calcium.

19 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Important Points to Know

In 19th week of pregnancy, fat is continuously developing under immature baby’s skin. The hair of the baby will also start to grow. As this growth advances happen inside, you’ll notice a gradual weight gain. This is normal. You must be eating well and exercise moderately. If you have any questions or doubts then you must discuss with the gynaecologist.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for baby’s birth?

By now you can start to think names for your baby. Decide with your partner on a baby name that your baby will love. You can also look for joining a childbirth class. They’re a great way to learn about breastfeeding and delivery process. Some couples plan a babymoon during this time. It relieves all the stress related to delivery and childbirth. Discuss with your doctor before planning a travel to avoid any complications. Invest in a few maternity essentials. That can refresh your attire and also give you a new great look.

19 weeks pregnant guide gives all the information related to this week pregnancy. Hope, you liked this information stuffed article. For more such articles stay tuned!


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