7th Month Pregnancy Care – Symptoms, Precautions and Baby Growth

Third trimester of pregnancy is like reaching the climax scene of a movie. Third trimester is nothing but the final three months. Last 3 month is full of anxiousness and cute moments to enjoy and cherish forever. This period is very important for mother and child just like the first trimester of pregnancy. It is this time during which the baby is fully mature and the mother feels that she can deliver anytime. 7th month pregnancy care is important to follow like first 6 month of pregnancy.

There would be some kind of discomfort and you will find difficult to move and walk. You will also feel pressure on your belly, legs and bladder. But eventually your body will get adjusted to the center of gravity. By the third trimester, the fatigue, nausea and tiredness will be back again. So it is advisable for mom to be to follow several measures to keep her fit and also ensure that the baby’s development is positive and healthy. Pregnant women need to avoid some basic things and take care of certain situations to ease stress and to ensure healthy childbirth.

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7th Month Pregnancy Care

Lets read precaution, care, baby development in month 7 of pregnancy in detail. You will also get to know what is good and what is bad in 7th month of pregnancy.

BABY DEVELOPMENT in Seven month of pregnancy

  • Your gynecologist would keep a watch on both height and weight of the baby when you visit for the ante-natal appointments. By the end of seventh month baby measures 36 cm approx.
  • The little one is sleeping inside the womb. Baby spends maximum time doing Rapid Eye Movement while asleep. It is said to be a very important sleeping pattern based on several studies.
  • Many cognitive and neural developments are continuously happening in the seventh month of pregnancy. Neurons are forming in millions inside the baby’s brain. Hence baby starts to react actively to various smells, sounds, jerky movements and music.
  • Baby’s body is developed by this time. Next step is where fat accumulation and weight gain begins within the skin.

Seventh Month Pregnancy symptoms

Due to the ever-growing belly you will of course feel discomfort and find difficulty in performing even the daily chores. few of symptoms in 7 month of pregnancy are –

1) Swelling and Pain
Many women experience increased pain and swelling in their muscles and joints. You can experience back pain due to the growth of uterus. Apart from this, as the delivery date approaches closer pelvic joints start loosening up to ease the delivery process. This is another reason for acute pain in the back. Swelling, pain and leg cramps are issues you will ever face in pregnancy. Increasing intake of calcium in your diet can solve this issue. As you walk your feet will automatically part to support the growing bump. You would begin to actually walk like a pregnant woman now. You will not be able to bend anymore.

2) Hot flashes
Another common signs at this phase of pregnancy which are due to changing hormone levels. Level of estrogen might suddenly shoot which results in a surge of heat. This would make you feel warmer. You will experience this hot flashes mostly around the chest, neck region and head. It is natural at this time and can last from 10-12 seconds to 2-3 minutes. But make sure you are able to find a difference between flashes and fever.

3) Watch your weight as this plays an important role in maintaining your back issues.

4) Experience a roller coaster ride since your mood swings are back. You would laugh, weep, sigh and cry straight away.

5) False contractions and abdominal pain become a daily routine. Keep a tab on the pattern.

6) You would feel puffier because excess blood is produced and circulated throughout body. Your hands, feet and body will look swollen.

7) Breasts will get enlarged and become dense and heavy in size. The veins on the breasts are clearly visible and the areolas get darker.

8) Tiredness and fatigue will increase due to difficulty in sleeping.

9) Weight will increase sharply so make sure to keep a watch on daily diet plan.

10) Shortness of breath

11) Breasts may leak a clear and yellow color milk called as colostrum which is ideal for the babies due to its high nutritive content.

12) Eating iron rich foods is very important even though you are taking supplements. Also consume a lot of citrus fruits and other sources of vitamin C for effective absorption of consumed iron.

13) It is that time now when you have started to bond with the baby in your womb. You will cherish this feeling throughout your life.

14) Get ready for sudden feelings of anxiety.

PRECAUTIONS during pregnancy to be taken in the 7th month

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1) Diet
Consume foods which are rich sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Fish, sea foods and walnuts are some sources of Omega – 3. Baby is progressing with visual development and these foods will fasten the process. Make sure you are not allergic to sea foods so it’s better to discuss with your gynecologist in advance.

2) Brisk Walks
Take occasional brisk walks everyday to keep your body flexible and active. Do not sit for longer hours. Make sure you are not stuck to a single position and posture for long time.

3) Ante – Natal Appointments
Start paying attention when you go for your gynac appointments. Keep a tab on progress noted through periodical scans with respect to your baby’s height and weight. If your weight is not increasing, make sure to improve diet.

4) Exercise
Try basic stretches as per instructions given by your professional trainer. You must be active and avoid being lethargic. Start with any type of exercise you like ex. Yoga, stretching etc. Try and invest time in breathing exercises and meditation. Keeping a calm mind is crucial. This can be achieved with meditation and patterned breathing.

5) Iron Supplements
Consume a lot of legumes, red meat, eggs, cereals, fruits & vegetables and citrus fruits this month. Consuming iron rich foods is mandatory along with iron supplements that are prescribed by your doctor.

6) Blood Tests
Monitor the hemoglobin levels closely. If your blood group has a Rh negative value than your doctor will perform some tests to ensure everything goes well. Make note of every single detail in the reports.

7) Take out time for your hobbies
A good hobby is useful in keeping you focused and calm. Spend time to read a nice book, or do some gardening, listen to soothing music or try your hands on knitting. Hobbies help in keeping your mind busy and also help in channeling your thoughts.

8) Sleep Well
During this month, you need extra sleep. This can be implemented through proper diet and exercise. Avoid sleeping on your right side. Instead, lie on the left side. Overeating must be avoided. Also, if your tests show that you may suffer from bleeding during or after delivery, then you must take preventative measures like taking the prescribed medicines and deciding upon the birth process.

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1) Alcohol and Smoking
These habits are a big NO throughout your pregnancy. Avoid company of smokers as passive smoking is equally harmful for the child in your womb.

2) Lifting Weights
Don’t unnecessarily hesitate to take support of your family and friends for household chores. It’s time for you to relax so taking the entire responsibility is not important at this stage of pregnancy.

3) Slouching
This is a strict no. You will always get tempted to slouch and to bend due to ever-growing bump but avoid it.

4) Posture
Make it a practice to sleep on your left side. Continue this till the last weeks of your pregnancy.

5) Take care while climbing stairs
You must take the help of railings when you climb up and down the stairs. You must also avoid taking stairs for reaching higher floors. This can be implemented by taking lifts whenever possible. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be physically active. Go for a walk each day and perform several breathing exercises under the guidance of a professional trainer

Points To Remember in 7 month

  • Feeling emotional, scared is normal when you become a new pregnant. You will experience all these feelings from the 7th month of pregnancy.
  • Embrace the fact that it is natural and all moms to be share this mutual feeling.
  • Discuss all your fears and worries with your husband. Open up and share your burden with him which will help you to calm down.
  • Make sure to go out on a weekend to a local resort along with your husband. This helps you in diverting your mind.

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Tests Recommended During 7th MONTH OF PREGNANCY

If your blood group is Rh negative than doctors will recommend certain tests to check if you have any pre-developed antibodies. These tests are very crucial and examining your blood reports thoroughly should be given prime importance. Plan on weekly medical checkups to track every development. Also, ask your partner or a family member to stay with you all the time, just in case you require medical attention.

The final trimester of pregnancy is all about excitement, nervousness, joy, worry, and hope. Cherish this time and indulge in self pampering to the most. Following above precautions during 7th month pregnancy will help you and keep your worries at bay.


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