8th Month Pregnancy Care – Precautions, Baby Growth and Symptoms

With the delivery time approaching closer, you must be feeling baby’s kicks and pokes. Well that what makes 8th month pregnancy care really special. This is a very crucial time and is all about taking maximum rest with a relaxed mind and also getting geared up for the welcome of your little munchkin. During this period, your baby is taking final shape and you will experience tremendous pressure on your lower back.

You will also feel the contractions almost regularly. Sometimes the bladder may leak when you cough or sneeze or also leakage of colostrum from breasts. Your estrogen levels will increase and pelvis expands to accommodate the growing baby. It becomes utmost important to take extra pregnancy care during 8th month and consult your gynecologist as per schedules. The feeling of being pregnant will sink in from now onward as you get into the mommy mode, shopping for your baby to arrive. Things may look a bit tougher during eighth month of pregnancy but think about the happy moments ahead and try to relax your mind. Because trust me it is all going to be worth your efforts!!

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8th Month Pregnancy Care

Read on to know 8th month pregnancy care in detail. like your baby growth, precautions, what to do and what not to do.

BABY DEVELOPMENT in 8th month of Pregnancy

This is ideal time to set up the nursery of your little baby. Keep in mind to shop for the much required things such as towels, wipes, diapers, bottles etc. Below mentioned are some of the significant changes that are occurring inside your womb.

  • If it is a baby girl then the formation of vulva is going on and in case of baby boys the testicles are making their way down the abdominal area. His scrotum may appear a little swollen at the time of birth due to the pregnancy hormones.
  • Gynecologist will call you to check the update on baby’s position by 40th week. Since by this time the baby is settled, generally with the head down position.
  • Baby’s kidneys begin to function since the amniotic fluid starts to get reduced and kidneys start producing cortisol.
  • Layer of vernix caseosa covering baby’s skin will still be present doing its job.
  • As the growth of baby increases there is less space left inside the womb to swim and you will notice that baby’s activity starts to reduce slowly.
  • Inside the brain rapid cognitive development is occurring and the neurons continue to multiply at faster pace. Due to this development baby starts to understand and connect with the mother.
  • During eighth month of pregnancy baby is undergoing a growth spurt and will gain close to 6 pounds and measure about 46 cm.
  • All the organs get matured except for the lungs and brain.

Eighth Month Pregnancy symptoms

Taking enough care during 8th month of pregnancy is crucial. You will notice that in the last trimester plenty of new changes will be felt and you must know the reasons behind this.

  • Don’t panic when you hear some casual comments on your body or pregnant belly. Accept that you are having a pregnant body.
  • Mood swings will be common. You will get easily annoyed, feel confused and irritated. Relax!! This phase seems like you are running out of the ‘waiting time’. You feel as if this pregnancy is going to last for a lifetime and baby is taking ages for popping out.
  • The anxiety of baby’s responsibility may be very overwhelming. Due to the hormonal shifts you may find yourself constantly insecure and nervous.
  • Backache – Pain in the back is an irritating symptom during pregnancy and you can’t do anything much to fix it. The lower back moves forward and downward due to the force faced from growing uterus. Some simple remedies can help in alleviating the pain. For ex. Watch out your posture at the time of standing or sitting because sitting in improper postures can strain your back. Try keeping your feet up when possible and also remember not to cross your legs while sitting. Sleeping on a firm mattress would also help.
  • Shortness of Breath – Your uterus continues to expand and increase in size thereby accommodating the growing baby. Due to this other important organs like Lungs get compressed making it difficult to breathe. Remember this feeling is limited only to mommies as the baby is well protected within the womb. It is also possible due to low count of iron in your body it is leaving you breathless. If this makes the lips and fingertips bluish consult the doctor immediately. Ideally you will start feeling better as the baby drops to its birthing position. Until then keep calm and remind yourself to take it easy.

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  • Leaking Breasts – Another eighth month pregnancy symptoms you will notice is that your breasts start to leak colostrum which is a yellow colour fluid. This is normal and it is one of the way to prepare your body for motherhood. This colostrum is extremely nutritious and full of nutrients and proteins. Sometimes this can occur in public places and can be embarrassing. You can avoid these by wearing breast pads underneath. This is not common in all the moms to be. But generally happens post sex or stimulation of nipple area.
  • Braxton Hicks – These are basically contractions which are nature’s way to prepare moms body for the upcoming delivery. Uterine muscles start tightening from 7th-8th month which causes symptoms like labour. They are painless, less intense and irregular unlike real labour. They last not more than a minute. These contractions are normal and no reason for worry. Drink plenty of water when you experience them next time. But, contact your gynecologist immediately if the contractions are extremely painful or there are more than four spasms in an hour’s time or it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding.
  • Hemorrhoids – During later stages constipation and hemorrhoids occur. Internal organs which are around the pelvis face tremendous pressure when the uterus expands. Secondly, when the blood flow increases, the rectum area veins begin swelling and itching. Hemorrhoids are surely painful, but luckily they can be treated. Your gynecologist may prescribe you a laxative or stool softener. You will be also asked to eat lot of green leafy vegetables and other fibrous foods. Isabgol is a popular laxative which is also safe to use when pregnant. Your bump will be grown large by now. And rest of the body would be adjusting to the ongoing changes. This may not be a very pleasant feeling.
  • Fluid retention begins to increase from eighth month and your feet and hands look swollen.
  • Dizziness and hot flashes will become a part of your daily life.
  • Amniotic fluid will start to reduce and it will pass every now and then. You will know the difference because urine and amniotic fluid smell very different.

PRECAUTIONS during pregnancy to be taken in the 8th month

There are many things that you must pay attention from the beginning to end of eighth month. Below are some 8th month pregnancy precautions, you must follow.

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1) Diet
Eating a balanced, nutritious diet during 8th month of pregnancy is the key to save from all problems. Ex. Omega-3 fatty acids helps develop the baby’s nervous system and are necessary for boosting baby’s brain development. Eating shrimps, sardines, red snapper, mackerel or walnuts are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Iron also helps in foetal development. Tomatoes, beetroots, leafy vegetables are ideal vegetarian sources of iron. Consume folic acid for preventing birth defects. A balanced lunch should have generous portions of veggies, lentils, yogurt along with rice or whole wheat bread. Eat fruits for desserts.

2) Keep calm
As your progress with your pregnancy months, thoughts about labour, pain will not let you about pelvic exercises so that it helps you with lower back pain and other discomforts sleep peacefully especially if this is your first time. So instead of worrying, join a prenatal class. It will help you to eliminate anxiety and get correct information. The trainer will tell you.

3) Breathing Exercise
It is time to feel breathless. You must keep breathing more. It is tough but keep going.

4) Kegel Exercises
Start Kegel Exercises in this phase of pregnancy. These exercises will stretch and strengthen your pelvic area muscles and also provide relief from stress.

5) Drink more fluids
As you deal with eighth month pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, constipation, dropping levels of blood sugar, keep yourself hydrated which helps a lot. Stay hydrated which will help to take care of constipation issues. Drink lots of fruit juices, fluids and water.

6) Good Posture
Continue to lie on left side while sleeping. Maintain a good position at all times. Sit straight using a good support for back which would help you a lot and avoid any pressure on your nerves. Just use a lot of comfy cushions and comfortably lie down if you feel more discomfort.

7) Plastic Sheeting
Brace yourself for a possible water break. May seem very early but now it is necessary. Keep a napkin handy wherever you are going. You can attach plastic sheeting to your mattress now if the leakage is very frequent.

8) Birth Plan
Planning on what type of birth you wish to give, who you want to be around you at the time of delivery will avoid last moment confusions.

9) Fitness
Before starting talk with your health care provider. Ask your trainer to give you some easy to practise postures. You would totally hate working out. But performing a little bit of yoga asana and some basic stretches is a must.

10) Ask for Assistance from family
Time to stop being a superwoman. Ask for help. Be vocal and clear about it. Take rest and delegate daily chores to other housemates. If you work overtime in your office than start taking a step back now on.

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1) Avoid Junk foods
You must be fighting your way with constipation, heartburn so it is mandatory that you completely avoid spicy foods, oily and junk foods and acidic foods which are responsible for triggering constipation.

2) Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking
By now you very well know that these habits are a strict no. Join a counselling session if you find yourself addicted or have issues due to sudden withdrawal.

3) Stress
Stay away from negative people, lonely ambiance or even negative thoughts. You are going through a lot of hormonal changes which results in mood swings, depression like symptoms. Taking more stress will affect the foetus. So you must stay calm and peaceful and stop taking stress.

Plan a short weekend getaway along with your husband in a nearby location. Relax with him and also share mutual feelings and thoughts on becoming new parents. This swill calm you down and feel secured. You can even take a short break with your group of friends and relax. Keep in mind that pregnancy is one of the major life changing experiences. There would be a lot of new things happening in this upcoming days. So this is the ideal time for you to relax and unwind.


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