9th Month Pregnancy Diet Chart – Foods to Eat and not to Eat

9th Month Pregnancy Diet – Pregnancy is the most exciting and amazing period in a woman’s life. It is also possible that this can get very challenging and tough during your ninth month of pregnancy. Good and perfect diet is very important at this stage.

But look at the positive side, the baby has almost completed its development and the wait is almost getting over now! However, during the ninth month, baby’s brain and lungs continue to mature.

Also babies weight increases at a faster rate of around one-third of a pound every week. Due to this weight gain, stress comes on pregnant women’s digestive system. If any care is not taken, it leads to complications related to digestion.

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It is a common sight to see expecting mommies dancing with anticipation and lot of excitement. At the same time, they are also worried about the health of their baby and what kind of mother they will be.

But don’t worry so much. Try and relax and enjoy this little time left. During 9th month pregnancy, your little baby is growing quickly and your diet is one of the most important factors.

9th Month Pregnancy Diet Chart

Exercise some caution while you pamper your taste buds. Your diet during the last month of pregnancy must provide you with all the extra nutrition.

Diet should include all essential components but in higher quantities.

The quantity of your diet is equally important as quality during pregnancy. Doctors recommend an additional 300 calories per day.

A healthy and balanced 9th month pregnancy diet must consist following

  • Wholegrain or multigrain bread – 5-10 portions
  • Dairy products – 4 portions
  • Fruits – 2-4 portions
  • Vegetables- 2-3 portions
  • 4 or more servings – Vegetables
  • Foods rich in Protein- 3 portions

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Keep yourself hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water and other healthy options such as fresh fruit juice, tender coconut water etc.

You can rest assured about a problem-free pregnancy when you make an effort to eat healthy and very nutritious food.

Eating balanced diet protects you from problems like heartburn, acidity, constipation etc. This also helps the baby to develop and grow properly without any complications.

Foods to eat in 9th month Pregnancy

You must include following things in your 9th month pregnancy diet chart

1)  Fibrous foods
Eat a lot of fruits, multigrain bread, vegetables, cereals, pulses, dates, etc.

2) Foods rich in calcium
Calcium is another essential nutrient during the 9th month of pregnancy because this is the time when your babies bones are forming.

Cottage cheese, milk, yoghurt, cheese, oranges, green leafy vegetables, almonds, sesame seeds, beans, eggs are all good sources of calcium. You can also get calcium in your body from supplements.

3) Foods rich in iron
For the health of mom and baby during pregnancy adequate intake of iron is very important. Blood volume increases during pregnancy which results in increased plasma volume level which causes red blood cells to get diluted.

RBC is important for delivering oxygen to baby and mom. So if you don’t take enough iron during pregnancy which makes red blood cells you can become anaemic.

Though we obtain the necessary amount of iron from our diet if one consumes meat, beans, dried fruit, green leafy vegetables, eggs and fortified cereals.

If your gynaecologist feels that you need additional iron he will prescribe you an iron supplement which can be fish, chicken, broccoli, peas, spinach, soybeans etc. You must eat at least 3 servings of foods rich in iron every day.

4) Foods rich in Folic Acid
In 9th month of pregnancy, you should ensure that your meal has foods which are a potential source of folic acid. E.g. Green leafy vegetables, beans, lentils, avocados etc.

Include these foods in your everyday meals so that your baby is safe from any birth defects like spina bifida.

5) Foods rich in Vitamin C
In your 9th-month pregnancy make sure to eat a lot of citrus fruits. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C. You can eat oranges, grapes, strawberries, kiwi etc. Vegetables like peppers, cauliflower, etc.

6) Foods rich in Vitamin A
Carrots, Kale, Spinach, broccoli, Apricots, cantaloupe etc are few examples of foods rich in Vitamin A. Make it a point to pick your favourite ones and make it a part of your pregnancy diet chart.

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Foods to avoid in the 9th month of Pregnancy

You should not include below foods to your 9th month pregnancy diet chart –

1) Tobacco products
If you chew tobacco products or if you smoke, you must give up on all those bad habits as soon as you know that you are expecting.

It is not at all safe and you will put your foetus at a major risk if you continue to do so.

It is a well-known fact that premature birth, low weight of foetus at the time of birth, Miscarriage, the stillbirth can be caused due to tobacco consumption. Doctors will advise you to completely stop doing so during your first appointment.

2) Caffeine
Caffeine causes low birth weight and also sleeplessness. If you drink caffeine than the maximum limit per day is 200 mg only.

Make it a habit to read product labels now as many foods have caffeine in it. Chocolates are also a source of caffeine so be cautious.

3) Alcohol
It is a well-known fact that alcohol is dangerous throughout your pregnancy period. It leads to several complications such as premature delivery, mental retardation of your baby or some defects at the time of birth.

If you have been wanting to leave this habit, now is the best time to get rid of it for your little munchkin.

4) Raw Fish
Say No to Sushi and Sashimi because it will be mainly made of raw fish. Raw fish and foods made from them are loaded with mercury which is very harmful in the diet chart of pregnant women.

5) Saccharine
It is a common alternative to sugar but a pregnant woman must not consume saccharine as it causes bladder problems in the child.

During your pregnancy make sure to completely discard it from your diet. Opt for fruits which are organically grown or some homemade sweets to pamper your sweet tooth.

6) Soft Cheese
These cheeses are loaded with microorganisms like Listeria. They are generally not pasteurised and can cause several infections during pregnancy. So it’s always better not to risk yourself and your baby by eating soft cheeses.

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9th Month Pregnancy Diet – Which Supplements should you Include

If you follow a balanced and healthy 9-month pregnancy diet you will get all the required nutrition. Go regularly for your prenatal checkups and your doctors may suggest you supplements if required.

• MultiMineral and MultiVitamins: Your body will need all the vitamins and minerals during this stage. These supplements will fulfil the increased demand and also make sure that you don’t have any mineral or vitamin deficiencies in your body.

• Iron: Doctors recommend in second or third trimester to take an iron supplement to all women who are pregnant. This supplement contains around 27 mg of iron. Although some women may be anaemic or have iron deficiencies. In such cases, higher iron doses are prescribed.

• Calcium: If doctors see that your calcium requirements are not met from your daily diet, you will be prescribed to start intake of calcium supplements. Some women also are intolerant of lactose. In such cases it becomes mandatory.

• Folic Acid: It is required to prevent any birth defects and for production of healthy RBC’s (Red Blood cells). Although you can fulfil the folic acid demand from food. Many women fail to do so because of specific diet patterns, food allergies etc.

Well!! Always remember that there is a life growing inside you. Babies growth and development completely depend on how healthy, balanced and nutritious diet you consume.

Supplements cannot replace the nutrition that we can get from a healthy meal. Ensure that you choose the healthiest options available.

Be stress-free, Exercise regularly thinks positive thoughts and nourish your body. These are the simple and best ways you can ensure a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

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