SAFE PERIOD – How to Calculate Safe Period to Avoid Pregnancy

Women having an active sexual life are sometimes constantly under one fear. It is a fear of getting pregnant. It is good if you know about safe period and how to calculate safe period to avoid pregnancy. Sex is a natural process which gives pleasure but often comes with a big price tag of getting an unwanted pregnancy. No doubt that children are a gift of god and a blessing to couples who wish to have kids. But what if you are not ready to expand your family.

Not all couples involved actively in sex, desire kids. So there are multiple methods by which you can avoid pregnancy by using contraception. Using pills for birth control, condoms, IUD, hormone shots are to name a few. By using these methods you can get to enjoy your lives without taking any mental pressure of getting pregnant.

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But many couples are there who don’t favor using artificial means of birth control. And also they want to get indulged in sex without the fear of conceiving. So how to have sex without getting pregnant ? What is Safe sex period ? You can achieve this by some safe sex time techniques to track safe period to avoid pregnancy. In earlier days, couples would generally depend on natural safe period to avoid pregnancy.

Nature offers human beings a calculator by which we can track safe period for sex without any side effects. Methods of calculating safe days or infertile days to avoid or delay pregnancy are used for thousands years as a natural birth control method. Using modern scientific knowledge along with these natural methods can improve the accuracy of safe period for sex. Also remember, that by no means it can provide 100% protection against pregnancy.


To begin with let us understand the menstrual cycle days. Menstrual cycle is from Day 1 of your period to Day 1 of your next period. ”Day 1 to Day 7” and ”Day 21 to rest of the cycle” are Safe period for sex where you don’t have to fear pregnancy.

1) The Follicular stage

A womens body releases hormones between day 2 and 14 that activate the ovarian eggs to grow. The uterus lining also thickens to receive the fertilized egg. This phase starts on the day after your periods are over and extends till ovulation. This process is controlled by Estradiol hormone. This is a safe sex time.

2) The Ovulation stage

This is the most fertile and unsafe phase to have unprotected sex. During this stage mature ovarian follicle releases an egg for fertilization. The ovulation process occurs between Day 10 to Day 19 of your menstrual cycle days. Also all the hormones supporting pregnancy are released during this time.

3) Luteal stage

This is the last phase of menstrual cycle days. It will either lead to ”pregnancy” or ”next menstrual cycle”. Luteal stage starts from Day 20 and extends till your period. It is safe period for sex to avoid pregnancy. In this phase the egg has become inactive and also the thick lining of uterus is shaded off.

Safe period for sex is from day 1 to 7 and day 20 to the rest of the cycle, when you can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. However, this safe period is not the same for all women as it also depends on the length of the menstrual cycle days. Generally, on an average, menstrual cycle is 28 days or a little less, but if your cycle is more than 28 days, this safe period calculation is not reliable.

Counting your safe period to avoid pregnancy is very simple.
1) To begin with, find the last period start date.
2) Monitor your period cycles for atleast 6 months to find out shortest and longest period cycles.
Shortest cycle=27 days
Longest cycle=28 days
Subtract 18 days from the shortest cycle 27-18=9 days
Subtract 10 days from the longest cycle 28-10=18 days
Day 9 to Day 18 from your last period is not safe sex time. Remaining days are Safe period for sex.

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This calculation holds good for females ovulating in midterm and who have approximate cycle duration of 28 or lesser no of days. Females having variable no. of monthly cycle days, or if the cycle is higher than 28 days, than safe period calculation doesn’t hold good.

Check out the below methods to answer your all queries regarding How to have sex without getting pregnant.


This safe period calculator requires you to know the safe period by entering the first day of your last period and the duration of your last menstrual cycle days. To use this method you must monitor your menstrual cycle for atleast 6 months. The average duration of menstrual cycle days should be between 26-32 days. Also there should not be variation of more than 7 days between your shortest and longest cycle. However, you cannot use this method if the variation is high or if your menstrual cycle day average is not between 26-32 days.

If you want to adopt Safe period calculator method after child birth, you must wait for 6 regular menstrual cycles. If you are a teenager or a woman who has reached menopause stage, you must not rely on this method. Failure rate of this Safe period calculator is 3 – 4% per annum. This calculation if done correctly can help you to indulge in sex without any fear.


Basal Body Temperature is your own body temperature when you are at rest. It varies for all women but is generally between 96 and 98 degree Fahrenheit before ovulation and increases upto 97 to 99 degree Fahrenheit after ovulation. You can find out safe sex time by checking your body temperature each day and charting it down. In the start of your menstrual cycle, body temperature is low and it increases after you start ovulating.

Also, it remains high for the remaining part of the cycle and lowers again before you start your next menstrual cycle days. Recording your basal body temperature everyday will help you understand when you ovulate. During that time use contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy.

Buy a basal thermometer in pharmacy which will cost you a few hundred rupees. However having improper sleep, illness, smoking, drinking excessively, being upset can affect the readings. So you should keep a tab of all this things too.


Believe it or not, But some women also check the cervical mucus colour every day and track ovulation phase. This is done by noting mild changes in the mucous colour. The hormones controlling menstrual cycle also stimulate the cervix to produce mucous. It is present in your cervix and vagina. The amount and consistency changes just before and during ovulation. You must identify this changes to know fertile and safe peiod.


This method is not useful if you experience irregular periods. It is used by females for so many years now. It’s a scientific method followed to find safe sex time but definitely not a reliable method. Chances of unexpected ovulation will be always present. Hence, be on an alert and keep tracking your patterns of menstrual cycle every month.

Track your menstrual cycle on a calendar for 8 to 12 months and then pick the longest and shortest of the cycles. The day your menstruation starts should be marked as Day 1. The first day of your fertility period will be decided by subtracting 18 days from the length of your shortest period.

For ex if your shortest cycle was 28 days, then subtract 18 from 28 (28-18=10) which comes to 10. Therefore, first day of your fertility period is on the 10th day of your cycle. The last day of your fertility period will be decided by subtracting 11 from the length of your longest cycle. For example – If your longest cycle was 31 days, then subtract 11 from 31 (31-11=20), which comes to 20 days. Therefore, the last day of your fertility period is the 20th day of your cycle. So, from 10th day to 20th day of your cycle will be the most fertile period.

This will be the time when women will ovulate and there will be higher chances to conceive in case of an unprotected sex. This can only predict the most likely fertile days but is not completely reliable because the cycles can keep varying.


You can purchase colour coded beads also called as cycle beads which help to track your menstruation cycle days. These are special type of beads made by many different colours. You will find 33 colour beads with a rubber ring that would move on a rubber band.

Now, when you notice, the first bead is black, second one is red, next six are brown, next 12 are white and then the last 13 will be brown. So, except the black one each bead represents a menstrual cycle day. First day of period is red coloured bead. Put the ring on the red coloured bead on the very first day of your menstruation cycle.

You must keep moving the ring from one bead to next bead with every passing day as directed by the arrow. The brown coloured beads represent safe days. These days you can do unprotected sexual intercourse. Next, the white coloured beads are unsafe days. During these unsafe days you should completely refrain yourself from unprotected sexual intercourse. Studies prove that when used correctly, this Standard Days Method can be 90% effective to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


  • The method has no side effects since No medications involved.
  • No hormones or devices required.
  • Always available.
  • Costs you almost nothing. Just thermometer, stationery, calendar which are very cheap.
  • It is perfect for some couples do have religious concerns for using artificial contraception.
  • Couples become more responsible and co-operative.


  • Low safety.
  • Some medicines may affect the calculations inaccurately.
  • It does not protect from sexually transmitted disease.
  • You can only have intercourse in certain periods.
  • It is important to monitor Period days closely.
  • Women having irregular periods may face difficulty in predicting fertility.
  • Its not possible for Breastfeeding mothers, teenagers or women nearing menopause stage.

Finally I would say that calculating safe period for sex is never a 100% safe method. Hormones do act crazily at times, which results in pregnancy even after taking all the care, though this is not common. I hope this has cleared your doubts on how to have sex without getting pregnant. The calculation for safe period only works if you have a menstruation cycle which falls between 26 to 32 days. If not then its would be safe to opt for any other contraceptive method. Check with your doctor about the effectiveness of natural family planning methods before using safe period calculation methods for birth control.


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