11 Love Making Tips to Make Your Partner Demanding

We keep the human race going by indulging in sex and also by making love. Sex is a basic human need and the basic way to have fun. The bond of love between the two partners is also kept alive when we are partners in love making. Love making tips are very important to read and understand. Love making doesn’t start when you get into bed but it depends on little things you make throughout the day for each other to set the mood. Ex. Meet for lunch, Kiss before leaving for work, smile at each other.

Love making is an art and is not constrained only to sex. It is easy to satisfy the sexual urge by running straight into intercourse but foreplay is something definitely more elaborate. Foreplay is more pleasurable for some rather than having sex, especially for women. It begins much before the intercourse, and ends later. Secondly helps to prepare your body by lubricating naturally. Natural lubrication makes the act less painful and more enjoyable.

love making tips for couple

11 Love Making Tips

Check out these things which you can try with your partner while spending intimate moments and keep them hooked to you.

1. Begin Love with Turning Yourself On and make the Act Fun

You may be under the impression that it is a men job to arouse you, but many of them are turned on as they see their partners are already aroused for love making. He will like if you take initiative and come into the mood. This is one of the most important love making tips. Do you find it awkward? Then just close eyes and start fantasizing. Imagine all the things you would love your husband to do to you and think he is actually doing it to you.

Start to feel it and your body would automatically start to respond. Sometimes we fantasize about a particular position or act and when tried, it doesn’t work out smoothly. However don’t focus on love making tips you tried and the attempts that failed. Moving on will avoid disappointing your partner and spoiling your mood. Instead just laugh out and release the tension. This will also boost sexual performance of your man.

2. Dress Naughty to give him a Visual Treat

Your man will want you more if you can master this tip. Visual stimulation can be a very powerful medium so that your man gets in the mood. There is nothing more sexy and sensuous for him to see than his partner dressed up in naughty lingerie. If you have a mindset that lingerie is anyway going to come off, why waste the money? Than that’s a real bad thought.

Remember, dressing up in sexy lingerie makes things more fun. There are many different types you can pull off. Ex. Baby dolls, teddies, Bustiers, corsets, Thongs, kimonos, chemises and more. Try wearing a kinky underwear or some lacy lingerie and walk around him casually. Wear a pair of sexy high heels and treat him with the visual extravaganza.

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3. Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is another very bonding love making tips. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your mate. You should know how and where to touch to be a good lover because it’s not always about doing all the super tricks in bed. Try giving a general soothing massage where you simply use fragrant oils or body lotions and give gentle head to toe massage. Pay attention to your partner’s reaction to achieve maximum pleasure.

4. Fondling and Going down

Your partner may like different things so keep experimenting to check what makes them feel great. Most women don’t say it loud but they love it when you go down on her. Do it the right way and she will want more and more of it. Men would like to see their partners making good usage of hands and massage his little one. Also you can use massage oil, lubricant etc which are meant especially for sexual pleasures. If comfortable, go down on him and get indulged in oral and hand sensation.

5. Try Different Positions

Has it become very predictable? You know today is also going to be like every other day. You already know what he will do, what she will do? Do you find yourself stuck with only 2-3 positions? Than that can get very boring. Then here is love making tips. There are literally hundreds of positions you can find in books or on phone apps. Get an app for your phone which will give you different tips and make sure you have lot of fun by switching up positions.

6. Sex Toys

Sex toys are an awesome thing in your sex life moreover when you want to try something different from routine. Some couples feel a little shy when it comes to sex toys. Couples are not sure where to buy them or what they should buy. Many can be worried that the other partner may judge them. Talk about it. Nowadays sex toys are easily available online.

If you guys are afraid about sex toys initially then start with something that is simple like a vibrator. Arouse the women by using vibrators so that her lubrication starts naturally. In fact the most vital sexual secret is when a man knows how to lubricate her before his entry. Make use of a vibrator on man by moving it on his perineum and testicles. Be slow, as it is a very sensitive area.

7. Talk Dirty To Him

This is one of the love making tips which many people might find silly and don’t know how to react. So you should know how to talk dirty to your man so that you build sexual tension, arouse him effectively, have a great sex life together and keep him thinking about you. You may also feel that your partner can think low about you when you speak dirty. Don’t worry though as it will excite him in no time.

When I say dirty talks, I don’t really mean abusing. Words are powerful and seductive in the bedroom . So use your husky voice for expression and effect and slowly express your desires. Start teasing your partner by telling him things you wish to do. Talking dirty to your sweetheart is a lot of fun and gives a spice to my sex life.

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8. Tie your partner

Men get excited to see their partner taking control so tie him. Take care not to tie him in a way that it gets uncomfortable or it leaves scratch marks on his skin. Use handcuffs, silky sensual and comfortable ties, scarves etc to tie them to the bed. Use a pillow underneath head so that they can see what you are doing. The whole idea behind tying is to keep him in one place while you do your thing.

If he makes an attempt to use hands by getting up, spank him and gently push him back. Couples so often get into a sex routine — same time of night, same position, same place. And while your partner may not make an active move to change things, you take the power to switch up patterns and take total control.

9. Get wet

Nothing sparks up the lovemaking romance by doing minute changes and changing the scenery but doesn’t mean you should leave home. Kiss him sensuously under the shower. You can make it sexier by using arms around his neck, then slowly kiss him as you stand on your toes. Close eyes and live in the moment. Stock the bathroom with things to pamper and indulge in the act your like scented candles, loofah, body wash, plenty of towels, some soft music etc.

Your man will love the sensation of water on his aroused body, so it is a great idea to get him started while you both are in the shower together. Soap each other by working up lather all over your body. Guide each other as where you want each other to apply the soap. Kiss him during the soapy session and show your love towards him and how attracted you feel.

10. Use her Clothes

There are people who tear off the clothes of their partner and rush to the act instantly. Are you one among those? You can make the clothes removal act a very sensual one by not forcing her to remove clothes. Take it slowly and use these little moments to build your mood. Open her shirt buttons by using your teeth, give a little cutesy bite around the nipples and stomach as you are opening their shirt.

11. Tease Her Into Sex

Once you start having sex, make sure you do not get rough and dirty immediately or go from start to finish immediately. Instead, keep it slow and prolong the act. Don’t right away take a jump into the act, tease her so that she will enjoy it. Don’t leave gap in between oral sex and the time when you begin to have sex. Post oral sex, females are at a point of climax, so you can start indulging in sex but take it slow. Satisfy her so that she goes mad and asks for more and more sex.

Whether you and your partner choose to incorporate these love making tips into your lovemaking or not, the important thing to remember is that sex is communication. These simple and easy love making tips will help you to make your sex life spicy. Change a few little things if you want to have a more lovely and enjoyable time during sex with your partner. The real trick is to be able to look at your lover and conjure up the feelings you had when you first got together. Enjoy the time with them by putting some extra effort and see your relationship blooming. Your partner will thank you.



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