10 Visible Symptoms of Baby Boy in Womb during Pregnancy

Wow! I am sure you all are excited to know if there are any real symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy or baby girl. It is so interesting and so much fun to guess whether the little bundle you’re carrying is a boy or girl. Also, very common to see that everyone around you speculates on the sex of the baby be it family members or pure strangers. In fact, “to be mom” gets so many questions along with the excitement and happiness.

As long as you don’t mind, I’d say there is nothing bad in playing the guessing games. Most parents are extremely curious to find out the gender of their would be baby. They want to start shopping, choose their baby’s name and also decorate the baby room accordingly. They can accomplish such tasks easily and also prepare their home to welcome, if they know whether it’s a cute boy or a pretty girl.

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Symptoms of Baby Boy in Womb during Pregnancy

Conceiving a boy is something that most couples desire, especially when they are proud parents of a sweet and lovely daughter already. Honestly, I have seen many moms to be come up with some tips and tricks to find out Baby boy pregnancy symptoms. Because it is so torturous to wait for 9 months to guess symptoms of having a baby boy.

Couples who are desperately trying for a baby boy keep guessing that in pregnancy what the symptoms of baby boy are. If you are also pregnant and want to know baby boy pregnancy symptoms than you have reached the right post. Here, we have come up with 10 visible symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy. Well, these are just beliefs that claim to be baby boy symptoms and they work for few women, and not for everyone. So, request you not to go only with these myths. But eat healthy, be happy and stay stress free to welcome a healthier and happier prince or princess.


Believe it or not, your baby sex is set as soon as the sperm meets the egg. It’s at the point of conception when a baby gets 23 chromosomes from each of their parents. Along with the gender, things like eye colour, hair colour, and even intelligence are already determined.


Here are 10 symptoms to predict baby gender.

1. Height and Shape of Your Bump

There are tons of opinions on this! It is said that if you are carrying low in your abdomen possibly you are having a boy. It is like a basketball is in your tummy and very low. A low pregnant belly, closer to your pelvis is usually indication of baby boys. For girls, it is thought you carry higher. Though there is no scientific explanation to why baby boys are carried low, it certainly is fun to guess.

Usually, when a pregnant woman’s belly is lower it has to do with her body type or just her muscle mass. While this symptom of baby boy during pregnancy is considered to be a myth by some. Many believe it to be completely true that carrying low equals to a boy.

2. Food Cravings

One of the popular symptoms of having a baby boy is related to your pregnancy cravings. What kind of food you crave might be an indicator of your baby’s gender. Are you craving for sour, savoury, or salty food. It is believed that if you crave for savoury and spicy snacks, it is expected to be a baby boy. But if you are going gaga over sweets than it can be a baby girl. While it is nice to indulge in cravings and get pampered, do watch if it is healthy as well.

3. Morning Sickness

Another most common pregnancy symptom is morning sickness. When you are suffering from Nausea and actually start throwing up, it is an indication that a baby is growing inside you. Morning sickness happens because of the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy. Your hormones can go mad and it will be tough to keep food inside. The lesser mornings without any morning sickness, the more chances to welcome a junior master.

Not to forget, even the sight or taste of certain foods can have you rush to the bathroom. When you have heard a lot about morning sickness from your closed ones and don’t experience anything of it, you are very lucky. And this also suggests that possibly you are going to have a baby boy. People say girl baby inside you causes severe morning sickness than boys. So if you don’t feel sick and are comparatively relaxed, it may be a baby boy inside you.

4. Heartbeat

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat is an incredible experience, a miracle really. Listening to your baby’s heartbeat is a joy that you cannot express in words. There appears to be some evidence of baby boys having a heart rate below 140. While girls tend to have a heart rate above 140 inside the womb. Pay attention to beats per minute, if you want to determine if you are having a baby boy or a baby girl.

This is something that people love to hear about. Because there is some evidence that says lower heart rate is for little boys especially if that happens continuously during the scans. So next time you go for your ultrasound scan, watch out for this symptom of having a baby boy.

5. Face, Skin and Dry Hands

Getting a lot of pimples in pregnancy? Then there are chances that it’s a boy in your tummy. If you had a healthy skin before, and now during pregnancy, if you are facing many problems like pimples. Then you may have a little prince in your belly. The lesser glow you get on your face, the more chances to welcome a Prince. Sounds strange? Isn’t it? Some skin problems are more with carrying a boy than with carrying a girl. At least, that is what many people believe.

Hormones go crazy no matter if you are carrying a baby boy or a baby girl. It is an interesting belief that if your hands are getting drier than normal than there is a boy growing in the belly. Our body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. If you have never had a problem of dryness in hands before, then it may be a hint your body is trying to give you. These symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy are beliefs that people vouch on.

6. Urine colour

Depending on a few possibilities the colour of your urine may change. Drinking more water will make the colour appear clear. If not, then the colour gets darker. It’s obvious that because of the hormonal variations, the colour of urine varies during pregnancy. But if it’s dark yellow, chances are more to welcome a baby boy. Typically, cloudy, lighter urine means girl whereas darker in colour urine is an indication of baby boys.

7. Hair Growth

Though pregnancy can arrive with a lot of unpleasant side-effects, this one is welcomed by all women. It is believed that women carrying baby boy experience more hair growth. On the other hand, women lose their hair faster when carrying a girl. During pregnancy, most women experience reduced hair fall and tend to grow stronger hair making it look thick and luscious. This is the result of the hormonal changes in your body. This is also a symptom of baby boy inside you.

8. Sleeping Pattern Varies

As your pregnancy progresses, sleep may seem to be a difficult task. It is not at all comfortable with the growing belly. It is good to avoid sleeping on your back and stomach and sleep on your sides during your pregnancy. Do you favour a particular side when you sleep. Most of us do have a favorite sleeping position.

If this applies to you as well, then these symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy can help you. How you decide to sleep gives a hint on babies gender. Moreover, if you are more comfortable to sleep on your left then that is a sign of baby boy. Believe it or not, but sleeping on the left side is the preferred choice of women having boys in their womb.

9. Linea Nigra

The linea nigra often referred to as the pregnancy line is a dark coloured line that goes down your pregnant belly. Actually, it is always there, but goes unnoticed. The line gets dark as your pregnancy starts progressing and months pass by. Not everyone experiences this while pregnant.

Linea Nigra seems to play a important role in predicting the sex of the baby. When the line tends to continue all the way till the rib cage than possibly it is a baby boy. Disadvantage is that Not all women experience this line.

10. Cold feet and hands

This one is another symptom of baby boy during pregnancy. When you feel too much of cold on your feet, they predict its a little boy. Well, it could also mean that you aren’t wearing enough warm clothes and may get prone to infections. But many people believe these hint as an indicator that it might be a boy on the way.

However, the only sure and scientific way to know your unborn baby’s gender is to do an ultrasound from a trained doctor. Moreover, as your pregnancy progresses ultrasound would be done as a part of routine check up. Even when you have an ultrasound, the physician may be unable to determine the gender of your baby due to a number of circumstances.

In India, it is illegal to disclose the gender of baby during pregnancy. It is also illegal for you to ask. So the gender of the child remains a big mystery until the delivery. So, these are 10 Visible Symptoms of Baby Boy during Pregnancy. However, remember that these are just some signs and beliefs.

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Furthermore, If you are on the planning stage and wondering how to get pregnant with a boy. You should remember certain things and can follow below mentioned tips.

How To Get Pregnant with a Boy – Few Tips to Conceive a Baby Boy

1. Ovulation, Timing of Intercourse and Positions

If you are thinking about How to get pregnant with a boy than the timing of having sex can make a great difference. There are many theories and claims which suggest that the chance of conceiving a boy will increase when you have sex close to ovulation. It’s important to calculate women’s ovulation period correctly to get pregnant. But it’s crucial if you are thinking about how to conceive a baby boy.

Must Check – Ovulation Calculator

A baby boy is born only when the female X chromosome and the male Y chromosome get combined. Sperms with Y chromosomes are fast swimmers than X chromosomes, but will die very fast as they are unable to survive for a long time. So, if you know about the exact time of ovulation, you can plan having intercourse with your partner on that day and also on the next day to raise your opportunity of conceiving with a boy.

Another trick on how to conceive a baby boy is that avoid sex for two to three days before ovulation so that You will release healthiest sperms. Try to do some careful calendar reading or take an ovulation test. Furthermore, there are plenty of sexual positions which can definitely heighten your chances of having a boy. Few positions provide deeper penetration and you can try them. Sperms are released closest to eggs when the penetration is deep enough. Also since Y sperms are fast swimmers they will swim quickly to reach the ready female egg.

2. Relation of your diet and baby gender

There is a correlation between diet and gender of the baby during pregnancies. If you want to conceive a boy baby then try eating more of nuts, broccoli, Bread, avocado, cherries, bananas, potatoes, spinach, almonds, sprouts. Avoid Spicy foods, tangy flavors which contain vinegar, as much as possible. Also eating dairy foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt and ice-cream is not good.

If you are hunting for diets on how to get pregnant with a boy than keep in mind that diet and nutrition plays an important part in deciding baby gender. Meals with large dosages of potassium and sodium will help in conceiving a boy baby.

3. pH /Temp

Acidic vaginal environments can kill the weak male sperms. Get your vagina acid content and pH level checked by using pH strips. When the result shows highly acidic conditions, there are certain ways you can incorporate to help in lowering it so that the sperms can survive a little longer. Increasing your sodium and potassium intake for those trying to conceive boys can be helpful. Start off your morning with a healthy smoothie with bananas. If nothing else it will get you healthier.

4. Exercises to avoid

Finally, you’ve got an excuse to ditch the cardio exercise. Try some Yoga instead. Your chances of conceiving a boy can increase by consuming chocolate while catching up on your favourite shows on TV. Also, you can get engaged in weight training. Focus on strength training because studies claim that it helps to conceive a baby boy.

5. Coffee for father

Dads to be can try some remedies too. Ask him to drink more of caffeinated beverage before sex as it makes the Y sperm more active. It gives them a little extra energy boost and helps a couple to get pregnant with a baby boy.

6. Fathers to avoid alcohol and smoking

If you are thinking about How to get pregnant with a baby boy, ask your husband to ditch those cigarettes and pegs of his favourite drink. Doctors suggest to avoid smoking and alcohol as it has a bad effect on male sperms. It will decreases the sperm count and motility.

7. Chinese Lunar Birth Calendar

Most doctors and fertility experts guarantee that gender influence is not possible. Some parents are so sure that they got pregnant with a baby boy by this famous gender predicting calendar. Well, this calendar, uses the mother’s age and also the month in which she has conceived to determine the baby’s gender. Tons of people believe this gender-predicting method, and it has been around for many many years.

8. Get your Husband’s Sperm Count checked

Boy sperm hates heat, so wearing boxers may help your partner to keep things airy and cool. The underwear your man wears greatly affects his sperm production rate. And remind your man no hot baths and no hot tubs. Make your man wear loose and comfortable underwear to keep the things. He must take necessary measures to raise the chance of getting pregnant with a baby boy by increasing his sperm count. Sperm check result can help a lot to find out about the motility, count and any other abnormalities.

9. Take some Cough Syrup

Few women claims that if the female gulps down a dose of cough syrup just before intercourse, there are more chances to have a baby boy. This happens because of the key ingredient present in cough syrups called as Guaifenesin. This way the cervical mucous gets thin making conditions ideal for sperm, specially the Y sperms required for baby boy pregnancy. So couples who want to try this way, hunt a product that contains Guaifenesin. Please consult with your doctor before taking any medicine.

10. IVF

An IVF specialist can implant exclusively male embryos inside your uterus during an In Vitro Fertilization treatment. This is a sure method to have a baby boy but such practices are illegal in many countries. Additionally, the success rate of conceiving with a baby boy is lower than IVF. These methods are very complicated and costly. If you can’t conceive naturally than you can consider this method.

So, there you have it ladies, our top ten tricks on how to get pregnant with a boy. We can’t guarantee you if they work but will sure be fun to try. Are you a proud mother of a cute baby boy? What symptoms of having a baby boy did you experience during pregnancy? Did these baby boy pregnancy symptoms help determine your newborn’s sex? Share your knowledge about the symptoms of a baby boy during pregnancy with us.

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Well, to all the gorgeous to be moms, please keep imagining and also enjoy all those feelings. Be ready to get surprised when your bundle of joy hits this world. All the friends and relatives wait for the surprise and keep guessing and enjoy the surprise on the day when it finally reveals.


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