14 Visible Symptoms of Baby Girl in Womb during Pregnancy

It is always fun to read Symptoms of Baby Girl or Boy in your womb during pregnancy. But above all, no doubt that having a baby girl or baby boy is one of the most exciting things that every lucky couple experiences.

Once the news of pregnancy is confirmed, pregnant women and her closed ones are very anxious to know the gender of the baby. So here we have come to your rescue with 14 Visible Symptoms of Baby girl.

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If you know your babies gender, there are a lot of things that you can plan. Shopping for baby, decoration of nursery, deciding on babies name are some of the things that become easier once you know babies gender.

But in many countries like India, couples won’t know about babies gender until delivery.

In fact, in India, it is illegal for doctors to reveal the gender of babies during ultrasound or Doppler test. Keep in mind, that ultrasound is the ideal way to know babies gender.

Even genetic testing is the best way to confirm the sex of your baby in the tummy.

So in such scenarios, it becomes almost impossible for parents to know what gender their baby is going to be. But we have got you covered with this article.

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Today we are going to share with you 14 visible Symptoms of Baby girl in the womb during pregnancy.

These Symptoms of Baby girl during pregnancy are not scientifically approved but help you to predict your baby gender.

Symptoms of Baby Girl in Womb during Pregnancy

Apart from being pretty and cute, and an absolute delight to dress up, baby girls are always much closer to their Fathers. Remember the phrase Father’s Princess.

So for all the Father’s and Mother’s to be here comes some fun facts about when is baby sex determined and also visible Symptoms of Baby Girl during pregnancy.


Believe it or not, your baby sex is set as soon as the sperm meets the egg. But for having a baby girl the X chromosome of the female has to meet the X chromosome in XY chromosome of the male.

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These Symptoms of Baby Girl are old wives tales which are passed from generations.

In olden times, there were no ultrasound or sonograms so people used to try guessing and playing the gender game using some strange beliefs and methods.

Remember that these Symptoms of Baby girl are a fun thing to do and do not confirm the gender.

However, there is no harm in predicting babies gender by using these visible signs. So here comes a few symptoms of a baby girl. These are-

1. Carrying baby higher inside the womb

This is the most prominent symptoms of a baby girl during pregnancy. If it appears that you are carrying your baby higher inside the womb, then it is believed that there is a baby girl inside the tummy.

Also, the belly position also plays an interesting role in knowing the gender of the baby. If most of the weight of your baby is in the middle of the belly, it indicates a baby girl.

2. Morning Sickness at your pregnancy

Generally, morning sickness symptoms are at its peak in the first trimester. But if you have excessive symptoms of sickness throughout your pregnancy, it can mean a baby girl.

Moreover, this symptom of baby girl is believed to exist due to heightened levels of hormones and low blood sugar levels.

3. Faster heart rate while you are pregnant

This symptom of a baby girl is medically approved. If you have a higher heart rate i.e. 140- 160 beats per minute, maybe you are carrying a baby girl. This can be found out while undergoing a Doppler test.

4. Oily skin and hair loss during your pregnancy

If during the gestation stages, rashes and blisters appear on your skin it could mean a baby girl. This is completely due to the hormonal imbalance that is happening to support the pregnancy inside you. Some women suffer from terrible hair loss.

Also, their hair seems to have lost all the shine during pregnancy. These means it’s a baby girl. Few people say that the shape of your nose changes during pregnancy and it may become wider. If you don’t observe any changes, it may be a girl.

5. The craving for sweets at pregnancy

The most notable symptoms of a baby girl during pregnancy is food cravings, most of the women experience them.

They are caused due to hormones of pregnancy. The type of cravings women experience may differ based on the gender of the baby inside them.

Most women pregnant with a baby girl crave for desserts, fruits like oranges etc. Those having a baby boy will crave for salty or sour foods.

Cravings of cheese or meat also indicate towards a boy. While some women disagree to approve that cravings can be indicators of the gender of a baby, some of them strongly believe in it.

6. Change in Right Breast size while you are pregnant

Breasts increase in size in order to get ready for lactation and prepare milk for the baby.

Generally, if the right breast tends to appear slightly smaller than the left one, or if there is an extensive increase in the size of your breast, it means you are having a baby girl.

7. Mood swings at your pregnancy

Mood swings are common during the first and third trimester. This happens due to the hormones going haywire inside a pregnant woman’s body.

If you are experiencing extreme mood swings like irritation, anger, and depression during your pregnancy, you may probably be carrying a girl.

8. Sleeping side while you are pregnant

Surprising isn’t it?? Sleeping position can determine the gender of your baby. Sleeping on the right side during most of your pregnancy means you will be giving birth to a cute little girl.

Some women who are mommies to daughters report that they were only comfortable to sleep on the right side.

9. Urine color while you are pregnant

The color of pregnant women’s urine can indicate the baby’s sex. Yellow dull color urine means that you are carrying a baby girl.

10. The garlic test

Garlic has a very strong smell and pungent taste. You can take an amazing test with garlic that can give you a clue whether you are carrying a girl or boy baby.

So eat a clove of garlic, if the smell of garlic seeps out from your pores through sweat than it is a boy, If not, then you are carrying a baby girl.

11. The position of the linea nigra

The dark line appearing on your baby bump during first or second trimester can also be an indicator of the baby’s gender. It is believed that if the line is stretching above your belly button, then its a baby boy.

But it’s a girl if the line finishes below the belly button. This linea nigra is due to elevated levels of hormones that cause pigmentation.

This line remains until the time of breastfeeding to almost a year post delivery. It will slowly and eventually fade away after giving birth.

12. Graceful mommy

It is believed that if a pregnant woman looks and behaves gracefully throughout her pregnancy, you may be having a baby girl. Girls are graceful, feminine and they bring out the same in their mommies too.

If you are calm, graceful and shy throughout your pregnancy, maybe you are going to surely welcome a little princess.

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13. Dreams about baby gender

It is believed that the dreams generally show the opposite of what is there in your bump. That means if you see a baby boy in your dreams, you are likely to have a baby girl in there.

14. The interest of your toddler at pregnancy

This holds true only in cases of the second pregnancy. Generally, if your toddler is taking a keen interest in your pregnancy then it may be a baby girl in your tummy. If he has no interest then it’s a boy.

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How To Get Pregnant with a Girl – Few Tips to Conceive a Baby Girl

1. Ovulation, Timing of Intercourse and Positions

The desire of having a baby girl is just so very amazing. This page will help you to conceive with a baby girl soon. You must always keep an ovulating chart to know when you are ovulating.

You must not have sex close to ovulation day. Avoid sex which has deep penetration like mission, as a result, the Y chromosomes of the male sperm does not reach first to the X chromosomes of Female. You must have sex every day when you finish your period but not near ovulation day.

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Some basics of a female body which you must always understand. A baby girl is born only when the female X chromosome and the male X chromosome combine.

Sperms of the male have both XY chromosomes in which Y chromosomes are faster than X chromosomes, but will die very fast as they are unable to survive for a long time.

So, if you avoid deep penetration in sex, you can plan to have intercourse with your partner on that day and also on the next day to raise your opportunity of conceiving with a GIRL.

2. Relation of your diet and baby gender

As already mentioned above to have a baby girl biologically. More acidic content foods help to kill the Y chromosomes in male sperm as they are weaker than X chromosomes.

You must eat foods like green leafy vegetables, whole grains, meats, sweet corns, and blueberries.

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3. Speak to your Partner

It’s always important to speak to your partner and let him know what you want and plan accordingly.

There is a theory that a girl sperm is more prolific (means the X chromosome of man sperm) when the man is more ejaculating.

4. Bath Time

There is no scientific evidence of the same but ancestral tales do say that taking hot water bath helps in having a baby girl.

As the male sperm is weaker than the female sperm, few people believe that lukewarm bath helps in raising the chances of bearing a female baby because the male sperm dies off because of hot water.

Couples can try making love in hot water bathtub for the probability of having a girl child.

5. Medicines and Supplements

You must always speak to your Gynaecologist before planning a baby. As it is always good to consult and share your concern.

Medically you have so many medicines that help to increase the acidic level in the female body which helps in killing the male sperm and increases the rate of bearing a female sperm.

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6. IVF

An IVF specialist can implant exclusively female embryos inside your uterus during an In Vitro Fertilization treatment. This is a sure method to have a baby girl.

These methods are very complicated and costly. If you can’t conceive naturally then you can consider this method also remember this method is regardless of the sex of the baby.

Never The Less, Just Enjoy the wonderful Phase of Pregnancy.

Above mentioned signs and symptoms of baby girl during pregnancy may hold right for a few of you whereas not for others. If the symptoms predict it right then you will be the proud mommy of a beautiful girl. Otherwise, enjoy the surprise.

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These are non-scientific. That means, no research has proved that if you have one of these symptoms, you will be having a girl. It also does not prove that if you have none of these symptoms, you will not have a girl baby.

  • Gender is secondary: Consider this as a fun guessing exercise. No matter what the boy or girl pregnancy symptoms are, remember that having a strong and healthy baby should be your primary aim.
  • Scanning is the way: Understand that unless you do an ultrasound scan there is no other way you can be sure of symptoms of baby boy or symptoms of baby girl that you are currently experiencing.
  • Gender Detection is Criminal Offence: In India and few more countries disclosing the gender of an unborn child is a punishable crime. It is also illegal for you to inquire.

Time to Share your Pregnancy Stories

Let us know your pregnancy stories if you have gone through any of these boy or girl pregnancy symptoms and given birth to a cute baby girl or boy.

Also, share it with us in the comments section below about this article symptoms of baby girl. And always remember girl or boy, both are bundles of happiness and bring joy and love to the families.



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