Aaina Aaina means mirror, reflective Girl
Aairah Aairah means noble, respectful Girl
Aaish Aaish means delight, joy, pleasure, god blessings Boy
Aaisha Aaisha means life, vivaciousness, living prosperous, women life Girl
Aakaanksha Aakaanksha means desire, wish Girl
Aakaansha Aakaansha means wish, desire, dream Girl
Aakaar Aakaar means shape, form Boy
Aakampan Aakampan means unshaken, calm, determined Boy
Aakanksh Aakanksh means hope, desire Boy
Aakanksha Aakanksha means desire, wish Girl
Aakansha Aakansha means wish, desire, dream Girl
Aakar Aakar means shape, form Boy
Aakarsh Aakarsh means attractive Boy
Aakarsha Aakarsha means above everybody Girl
Aakarshak Aakarshak means attractive Boy
Aakarshan Aakarshan means attraction, charm Boy
Aakarshika Aakarshika means having attractive power Girl
Aakash Aakash means the sky, open mindedness Boy
Aakashi Aakashi means the sky, universal, atmosphere Boy
Aakesh Aakesh means lord of the sky Boy
Aakhyaan Aakhyaan means legend story of famous person Boy
Aaki Aaki means autum, bright Boy
Aakif Aakif means attached, intent Boy
Aakifah Aakifah means intent, busy, devoted, dedicated Girl
Aakriti Aakriti means shape, form, figure, appearance Girl
Aakruthi Aakruthi means shape, structure Girl
Aakruti Aakruti means shape, structure Girl
Aakshaya Aakshaya means eternal, immortal, indestructible, goddess parvati Boy
Aala Aala means bounties Girl
Aalakshya Aalakshya means visible Boy
Aalam Aalam means universe, the whole world Boy
Aalamb Aalamb means sanctuary Boy
Aalap Aalap means musical prelude, conversation Boy
Aalay Aalay means home, refuge Boy
Aalaya Aalaya means home, refuge Girl
Aaleahya Aaleahya means sunshine Girl
Aalee Aalee means sublime, lofty, high, tall Boy
Aalekh Aalekh means picture, painting Boy
Aaleyah Aaleyah means exalted, highest social standing Girl
Aalhad Aalhad means joy, happiness Boy
Aali Aali means sublime, lofty, high, tall, excellent, noble Boy
Aalia Aalia means excellent, highest social standing, tall, towering (celebrity name: pooja bedi) Girl
Aalim Aalim means knowledge person, wise, sch, olarly, omniscient, learned, religious scholar Boy
Aalimah Aalimah means knowing, knowledgeable, skilled in music or dance, scholar, authority Girl
Aalisha Aalisha means protected by god, silk of heaven Girl
Aaliya Aaliya means excellent, highest social standing, tall, towering Girl
Aaliyah Aaliyah means exalted, noble, tall, towering Girl
Aalok Aalok means light, brilliance, vision Boy
Aalop Aalop means that which does not disappear Boy
Aamaal Aamaal means bright, hope, pure, hardworking, optimistic, expectation, brillinat, another name for narayana, clean Girl
Aamanee Aamanee means good wish, spring season (vasanth ritu) Girl
Aamani Aamani means good wish, spring season (vasanth ritu) Girl
Aamara Aamara means grass, immortal one, unfading flower Girl
Aamaya Aamaya means night rain Girl
Aameena Aameena means trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest, secured, safe Girl
Aamil Aamil means invaluable, inaccessible, exalted, doer Boy
Aamilah Aamilah means doer of good deeds, righteous, hopeful Girl
Aamina Aamina means trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest, secured, safe Girl
Aaminah Aaminah means trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest, secured, safe Girl
Aamir Aamir means ruler, prince, rich, prosperous Boy
Aamira Aamira means imperial, abundant, inhabited Girl
Aamirah Aamirah means imperial, abundant, inhabited Boy
Aamish Aamish means honest, trustworthy, pleasing Boy
Aamisha Aamisha means beautiful, without decept, pure, truthful, guileless Girl
Aamod Aamod means pleasure, serenity, fragrance Boy
Aamodh Aamodh means pleasure, serenity, fragrance Boy
Aamodin Aamodin means happy, sweet fragrant, celebrated Boy
Aamodini Aamodini means joyful, pleasurable, happy girl, fragrant, celebrated Girl
Aamogh Aamogh means unerring, lord ganesha Boy
Aamrutha Aamrutha means state of deathlessness, immortality, divine nectar of the god Girl
Aamuktha Aamuktha means liberated Girl
Aan Aan means the sun Boy
Aanadhitha Aanadhitha means happy one Girl
Aanaia Aanaia means god has shown favour Girl
Aanal Aanal means fire Boy
Aanamra Aanamra means modest Girl
Aanand Aanand means joy, happiness, delight Boy
Aanandamayi Aanandamayi means full of joy, full of happiness Girl
Aanandana Aanandana means happiness Girl
Aanandatha Aanandatha means happy Girl
Aanandi Aanandi means the one who is always happy Girl
Aanandinii Aanandinii means full of joy, blissful Girl
Aanandit Aanandit means one who spreads joy, joyous, full of bliss, happy, pleased Boy
Aanandita Aanandita means purveyor of joy, happy Girl
Aananditha Aananditha means purveyor of joy, happy Girl
Aanandswarup Aanandswarup means full of joy Boy
Aananth Aananth means infinite, eternal, godly, the earth, vishnu, shiva, another name for brahma, endless Boy
Aanantha Aanantha means infinite, endless, eternal, the earth Girl
Aananthamaya Aananthamaya means full of great happiness Girl
Aanantya Aanantya means endless, eternal, godly Boy
Aanav Aanav means ocean, king, rich, generous, kind, humane Boy
Aanavi Aanavi means kind to people, generous Girl
Aanay Aanay means consort of goddess radha, another name of lord ganesh, without a superior, another name for lord vishnu Boy
Aanaya Aanaya means without a superior, god has shown favour Girl
Aanchal Aanchal means shelter, the decorative end of a sari Girl
Aandaal Aandaal means incarnation of goddess lakshmi Girl
Aandaleeb Aandaleeb means nightingale, the bulbul bird Boy
Aangat Aangat means colorful Boy
Aangi Aangi means decorating the god, divine Boy
Aani Fatimah Khatoon Aani Fatimah Khatoon means she was a literary woman and a poetess in qastaniniyah Girl