Zulaikha Zulaikha means a narrator of hadith (wife of the king of egypt) Girl
Zulakha Zulakha means first part of the night, having a small and finely chiselled nose Girl
Zulaykha Zulaykha means a narrator of hadith Girl
Zulaym Zulaym means a narrator of hadith Boy
Zulecia Zulecia means plump Girl
Zuleika Zuleika means brilliant, beautiful Girl
Zuleima Zuleima means peaceful Girl
Zulekha Zulekha means brilliant, beauty Girl
Zulema Zulema means full of beauty Girl
Zuleyka Zuleyka means brilliant, beautiful Girl
Zulfa Zulfa means first part of the night Girl
Zulfah Zulfah means nearness, closeness Girl
Zulfaqar Zulfaqar means sword that the prophet (saw) gave to sayyidina ali Boy
Zulfat Zulfat means friendship, nearness, status Boy
Zulfi Zulfi means handle of a sword Boy
Zulfiqar Zulfiqar means sword name of hazart ali Boy
Zulima Zulima means peaceful Girl
Zulkifl Zulkifl means a prophet of allah Boy
Zulqarnain Zulqarnain means someone with two beautiful eyes Boy
Zuly Zuly means healthy & vigorous Girl
Zumurrud Zumurrud means emerald Girl
Zumurruda Zumurruda means emerald Girl
Zumzum Zumzum means sweet water of paradise Girl
Zunaira Zunaira means flower Girl
Zunairah Zunairah means flower found in paradise Girl
Zunash Boy
Zunnoon Zunnoon means appellation of prophet yunus Boy
Zurafa Zurafa means elegant, witty, graceful Girl
Zuraib Zuraib means eloquent Boy
Zurfah Zurfah means charm Boy
Zuri Zuri means beautiful; white; light Boy
Zurisaday Zurisaday means over the earth Girl
Zurmah Zurmah means lavender Boy
Zushimalain Zushimalain means name of a sahabi ra Boy
Zuti Zuti means name of the grandfather of imam abu hanifa (name of grandfather of imam abu hanifah) Boy
Zuvi Zuvi means life Girl
Zwandun Zwandun means life Boy
Zyana Zyana means beautiful and radiant Girl
Zyanna Zyanna means heart of light Girl
Zyanni Zyanni means bending light Girl
Zynah Zynah means beautiful, adornment, ornamentation Girl
Zyva Zyva means brightness, radiant, splendor Girl