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Planning For Baby 3 years ago

About pregnancy

Hello…Mai pregnancy treatment le rhi hu..Mera last period date 5 January tha nd Mera ovulation 19 January ko hua is 7 February …is this is possible k I m pregnant…plz repl…

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gynecologist 2 years ago

Hi Priyanka, excellent decision, good for you. Getting pregnant depends upon so many factors most of them are very subjective. For you it depends upon your menstrual cycle and sexually how active you are?

Please refer to the following links from our tools section which will help you determine the most fertile period aka rupturing of an egg to get pregnant.

keep having a balanced diet and avoid consuming possibly harmful things for your body. Prenatal tablets will be a good option. Keep your mind calm and body healthy to experience the miracle of child birth.

Also refer to our online pregnancy test and share the GOOD NEWS with us. Good luck!!!

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