QuestionsAt what age children should talking ? .. My son is 18 month old.. he doesn't talk yet
Mom of a Son 4 years ago

At what age children should talking ? .. My son is 18 month old.. he doesn't talk yet

He understand lots of word & he wants to communicate me but can not speak single word then what to do about it

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Pediatrician 4 years ago

Don’t worry. Generally kids speak atleast 7-8 words clearly by 18 months. But it is definitely not a big concern if your child hasn’t started talking. Every child has a different timing for each of their activities. If he is able to understand you and can grasp your signs then there is nothing to take stress about. Communicate to him more and more. Give him time and encourage him to talk.

Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

Visit a neurologist because your son is yet not walking nor he is speaking even my daughter had same problem so don’t waste time and visit a good doctor

pediatrician 2 years ago

Hi Neha, don’t ‘worry. There is no such standard age for every kid should talk. It depends upon so many factors. Genetics, surroundings, overall health of child, level of verbal interaction with a child. So many.
As you have mentioned that he understands everything and wants to communicate, this is big plus. He will be talking within matter of days. Try to maintain healthy level of verbal interaction with him. Ask questions, make requests to hand over certain things, call out his name frequently.
Be patient with your son and don’t compare him with other kids. Good luck!!

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