QuestionsHow can I comfort my child after vaccination?
pediatrician 3 years ago

How can I comfort my child after vaccination?

My son is 4 years old and he’s crying uncontrollably after vaccination, so my question is that how to soothe baby after shots?

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Mom of a Daughter 2 years ago

Hi Rajiv, making child comfortable after vaccination is herculean task. It requires lots of patience and efforts. You can opt for combination shots like easy 5 to save the discomfort to the child. You can also use numbing creams after consulting your doctor.
Applying cool compressed ice pack would also help. Try to distract child with his favorite toy.
Five S’s approach is the best thing to follow.
• Swaddle him in comfortable cotton cloth
• Swing him with your arms
• Place him on sides or stomach
• Sing his favorite song/lullaby
• Give him pacifier to suck
Hope this help. Good luck!!

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