QuestionsHow to increase my baby weight?
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

How to increase my baby weight?

She is 3plus years now…. And is only 10 kgs (

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Mom of a Son 2 years ago

Hi Deepthi, this is the major concern of an Indian moms. Baby’s weight keeps on fluctuating as per age and number of times baby gets sick. If your baby is healthy yet weight is low this might me genetically designed. Some families have lean physic. If your baby is not eating well that might be the reason. If your baby is overall healthy, try feeding her these super foods which helps in healthy weight gain.
Here are some super foods for healthy weight gain for your baby.
Sweet potato
Paneer & cheese
Dry fruits
Ragi (i.e. nachani)
Include these above said foods in diet of your child. Good luck!!

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