QuestionsI am having miscarriages
Planning For Baby 3 years ago

I am having miscarriages

I have 11yr son and now I want second baby but problem is that when ever I will conceive I am having pain in stomach and after a while it started bleeding and I get miscarriage by this doctor’s says that baby heart is not yet came so it is not good so u have to clean up so like going on it happened for 5times so please help me what to do.

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gynecologist 2 years ago

Hi Shabana, , having a miscarriage is very disappointing and emotionally burdening and as you mentioned you suffered it for 5 times that is treacherous. It takes a toll on your physical and mental health.
Shabana I hate to say this but in your case it seems something very problematic. You have 11 year old first child after that what kind of contraceptive you were using? What is your age? I will suggest get yourself checked for any abnormalities in uterus by a fine gynecologist and follow each and every remarks by doctor. Good Luck!!

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