QuestionsI Need some advice for a baby planing?
Planning For Baby 4 years ago

I Need some advice for a baby planing?

Suggest me some good food, drinks for both of us to get a healthy baby.
& which medicines are safe to eat during planning phase.

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Gynecologist 4 years ago

If you are planning for a baby than following are the things you need to take care of –
1) Stop Smoking and cut down intake of alcoholic drinks.
2) Eat a healthy balanced diet that includes lot of green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, proteins etc.
3) Avoid eating Junk food/street food and sugary stuff.
4) Consult a gynecologist and start taking Folic acid and Vitamin D supplements.
5) Some of the medicines are not safe if you are trying to get pregnant. Discuss with your doctor.
6) Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

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