QuestionsMera beta bahot week h kya karu uski health k liye
Mom of a Son 3 years ago

Mera beta bahot week h kya karu uski health k liye

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Planning For Baby 2 years ago

Hi Simran, a glowing happy and healthy child is all a mother wants and I can defiantly understand your concern as mother. Under weight babies suffer additional health risks. Such as frequent infections and low stamina. This may also affect overall growth of a child.
My son was also a underweight child and was very week as he was born pre-mature. Certain foods really helps in gaining a weight in a healthy way.
Here are some super foods for healthy weight gain for your baby.
Sweet potato
Panner & cheese
Dry fruits
Ragi (i.e. nachani)
Include these above said foods in diet of your child. Good luck!!

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