Questionsmiscarriage with twin pregnancy.
Planning For Baby 3 years ago

miscarriage with twin pregnancy.

Hello I misscarried my twin pregnancy in June 2018 how long should I wait before I try again to get pregnant and what are the chances of conceiving with twins again. We have no history of twins in my family. My husbands uncles are twins. Thanks in advance

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Planning For Baby 2 years ago

Hi Som Anand, life and it’s challenges; we all have to face them. You are not alone. There should be a gap of six months between miscarriage and pregnancy to let your body recover.

Twin pregnancies are not very common and occur 1 in 250 pregnancies for natural conception. Family history of twin pregnancy on mother’s side has high chances of resulting in twin pregnancy.

Anyways good luck with that. Please check the following links of the site to track your cycle and calculate the ovulation period.
All the best and do share the good news with us.

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