QuestionsMujhe baby planning karni hai kuch bataiyega please
Planning For Baby 3 years ago

Mujhe baby planning karni hai kuch bataiyega please

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gynecologist 2 years ago

Hi Manila. Congratulations!! You have taken an excellent decision. Motherhood is a blessing, ans you are worthy of it. You can follow below mentioned steps to experience the magic of birth, which is adventurous as well as full of novelty and life lessons.
Following is the list of do’s and don’ts for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.
• Have a healthy balanced healthy food.
• Check for infections
• Routine body checkups.
• Track your menstrual cycle
• Determine ovulation date
• Have intercourse on the day
• Avoid exposure to x-rays
• No over the counter drugs.
• Avoid intoxicating things like alcohol and smoking.

Please refer to the following links from our tools section which will help you determine the most fertile period aka rupturing of an egg to get pregnant.

Also refer to our online pregnancy test and share the GOOD NEWS with us. Good luck!!!

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