QuestionsMy 6year old boy is not eating solid food?
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

My 6year old boy is not eating solid food?

Weight issues.. He is crazy for fruits Bt not showing interest in solid food like daal Chawal roti sabji.. Still he is good in his study’s and sports… And active in extra curricular activities… Bt his weight and height are not according to his age..

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pediatrician 2 years ago

Hi Barkha, this is a matter of concern as a 6 year child he should be eating wholesome foods. Lack of it is resulting in deficiency of nutrients in his body eventually affecting his height and weight.

Don’t worry, work it out with following suggestions and he will be all right.

• Get him checked for allergies if any.
• Try different textures of solid food.
• Start from semi solid foods like khichadi, kheer or soups.
• Don’t force him it will make him hate the eating process.
• Try to find out if has Phobia of choking
• Get a advice of counselor in case of phobia.
• Try outside food to check if he hates repetitive home food, pizza or burger will be good option.
• Meanwhile consult your pediatrician to compensate loss of nutrients through various supplements because of him not eating wholesome food.
• Try to involve fruits as a ingredient in cooking like banana smoothie or fruit cake.
It’s a grueling task but you can do it. Good luck!!!

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