QuestionsMy kid urinate daily in the night
Mom of a Son 3 years ago

My kid urinate daily in the night

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pediatrician 2 years ago

Hi Nisha, First and foremost don’t blame the victim. Trust me your son is as frustrated as you are because of this problem. Rather the poor child may hate himself for doing so. Be patient and kind with him as scolding or physical punishment will just add up to the problem. Please understand this is the most common problem in children below 5 years. Most children outgrow it and stop urinating in bed after a while. If your son is below five years then he will definitely stop eventually.
You can try following to make things better.
• Decide a certain bedtime
• Try to set bathroom routine around it
• Put up an alarm during nights for a bathroom break.
• Check whether he is constipated as full rectum puts pressure on bladder reducing its capacity to hold urine.
• Try using water proof mattress
• Sometimes family stress or difficulties in school leads to this problem
• Take the advice of pediatrician or counselor
• Try giving him herbs like ashwagandha and bramhi for mental alertness.
Help your child, be affectionate and he will overcome it. Good Luck!!

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