QuestionsPain in lower abdomen
Pregnant 3 years ago

Pain in lower abdomen

hii,I have recently known that I am pregnant.But one thing is bothering me, i am having cramps in lower abdomen.What to do?

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2 years ago

Baody is preparing for normal dilivery dear soo don’t worry.

gynecologist 2 years ago

Dear Sonika, congratulations and welcome to motherhood. Lower abdominal cramps are very common in early pregnancy. These harmless mild pains are caused due to stretching of ligaments to support your growing womb. Sometimes due to constipation and gases. Nothing to worry about, if they are very mild and go away after a change in position.
Please consult your doctor if the pain is very sharp and there is any kind of bleeding, spotting and lower back pain.
Take care!! Good luck!!!

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