Questionsshare some tips about child physlogy
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

share some tips about child physlogy

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Mom of a Son 2 years ago

Hi Samdhisha, happy to have this question as this is the most neglected part of raising a child. A child is individual with a brain, heart and distinctive personality. We should treat a child like an individual. A child wants love as well as respect. She wants to be heard. She wants to be appreciated.
Following things are very important for a child:-
• Self-esteem:- Always treat a child with respect.
• Dignity :- Don’t blame or scold child publically
• Appreciation :- Praise and reward for good behavior in public
• Belongingness: – Make her wanted and needed by you.
Please avoid:-
• Being a bad example
• Always practice what you preach
• Comparison with siblings/friends
• Negative emotions like taunts, sarcasm and anger.
• Physical punishments
As a parent we also grow along with our child so it is basically necessary to be a kind, affectionate and loving person to raise a child.
Good luck!!

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