QuestionsTips for diaper rash treatment?
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

Tips for diaper rash treatment?

My 14 month old was getting diaper rash. How can I keep my daughter from getting diaper rash & what is the treatment of diaper rash??

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Planning For Baby 2 years ago

Answer:- Hi Ritika, you can prevent diaper rash by following steps.
• Change diaper frequently
• Wash your baby’s bottom with warm water after removing a diaper
• Pat dry bottom area with soft clean cloth
• Leave your baby without a diaper after every removal and cleaning.
• Use good quality diaper
You can treat a diaper rash by using following steps:
• Use a good quality ointment after consulting your pediatrician.
Visit your pediatrician as soon as you notice;
• Pus or discharge from rashes
• Ultra red or blackish spots
• Itchiness and flakey skin
• Swelling in the diaper area
Hope this helps. Good luck!!

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