QuestionsWhat are the Symptoms and Treatment of Chickenpox?
pediatrician 3 years ago

What are the Symptoms and Treatment of Chickenpox?

My Son is having Chickenpox & he is 4 years old. What are the complications of chickenpox and How many days will chickenpox takes to cure?

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gynecologist 2 years ago

Hi Rajiv, chicken pox is caused by a virus named varicella-zoster and its contagious. Symptoms include mild fever, super itchy skin rashes and red blisters with fluid. Blisters rapture, pops out and leak out. It crusts and heal the wound on its own.

If your son is vaccinated for chickenpox disease, then it won’t cause much of trouble and blisters and rash will fade away within the span of 6-7 days. It’s better to have chicken pox in early child hood as it gives you a lifelong immunity against it.
Consult your pediatrician for further queries.

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