Questionswhat are the tests should I do in my pregnancy ?
gynecologist 3 years ago

what are the tests should I do in my pregnancy ?

I am 6 weeks pregnant women

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Planning For Baby 2 years ago

:- Hi Shilpa, congratulations and welcome to the blissful journey of motherhood. As you mentioned you into 6th month of your pregnancy, please contact a gynecologist if you haven’t yet. She will check you and prescribe you with necessary tests to be carried out. Share your family medical history and your menstrual history with your doctor. Also provide her with any other genetic disorders or miscarriages if any.
Following are the most common test done during pregnancy:-
• Blood test
• Urine test
• HIV test
• Hepatitis test
• Ultrasound
• Noninvasive pre-natal screening
• Glucose screening
• Integrated or sequential screening
• Nuchal translucency test.
Your gynecologist will suggest the tests to be done as per your medical history and prepositions.

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