QuestionsWhat can I do to reduce swelling in legs ?
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

What can I do to reduce swelling in legs ?

I am 7 month pregnant women. My legs are very swollen. what causes of this ? Is there any kind of protein deficiency ?

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Planning For Baby 2 years ago

Dear Nisha, though swelling legs during pregnancy is a common occurrence, it is the fairly uncomfortable situation to be in. Your body tends to retain more fluids which lead to swelling. Growing pressure of uterus also makes blood flow to the heart slow.
Please keep in mind following things to reduce the swelling in legs.
• Limit your sodium intake.
• Sleep on left side
• Keep your feet elevated whenever possible
• Drink plenty of water
• Take potassium rich foods like banana, sweet potatoes, kidney beans.
• Avoid highly salty, sugary processed foods.
• Avoid standing position for long duration of time.
• Eat balanced diet.
• Avoid tight body hugging cloths specially on legs.
Hope this helps, good luck!!

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