QuestionsWhat can I give to my baby to stop vomiting ?
Mom of a Son 3 years ago

What can I give to my baby to stop vomiting ?

My baby is of 18 month & he constantly suffering from vomiting, So I am very worried about it

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Mom of a Daughter 2 years ago

Hi Neha, vomiting indicates certain health issues as infection in stomach, overeating , indigestion or some other major issue. You have 18 month old baby, she must be eating solid food or solid food and milk. Some foods may cause gastronomic problems in kids. Check for allergies. When she eats, try not to give her too much food in single feeding; don’t give water immediately after eating. Keep her upright for some time after eating; try to burp her after eating.
If vomiting is a frequent then you should consult your pediatrician for a desired treatment. Take a immediate medical help if she vomits more than 3-4 times in a day to prevent dehydration.

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