QuestionsWhen do kids learn to read and write?
pediatrician 5 years ago

When do kids learn to read and write?

My son is 4 years old & seems to be having trouble to learning the alphabet. he recognizes a few letters but cannot write them. How can I help him….

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Mom of a Son 3 years ago

Hi Rajiv, kids learn to write and read by the age of 7-8 or in second grade. By the age of 4 years your son should be recognizing alphabets and numbers. He may be able to read and write alphabets and number by the age of 5. Have patience.
The key to help him read and write is to more and more exposure to the language. You can read story books to him. Show him charts and picture books. Make writing exercises interesting by including audio visual clips and youtube tutorials.
Good Luck.

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