Johnson’s Baby Powder


Johnson’s baby powder leaves baby skin soft, smooth and supple. It protects baby’s skin from excess moisture. Johnson’s baby powder eliminates friction thereby keeping the body cool and comfortable. Johnson’s baby powder is classic, trusted, safe and provides comfort to baby. Unlike other adult powders, it is made of millions of round slippery plates which are tiny and glide over each other. They help to decrease the irritation which is caused by friction.

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Johnson’s Baby Powder Description

Directions for use

On babies, use Johnson’s Baby Powder after bath time and also during every diaper change. For you, use anytime you want skin to feel comfortable, soft, and fresh. Shake the powder away from face, onto your hand. Then apply on skin. Tightly close after every use, and store in a dry and cool place.


Talc, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Fragrance.

About Johnson’s Baby Powder

At Johnson’s 120 years old experience and also the new scientific technology combines together. All their products come with Triple protection system. A mother wishes the mildest and purest baby products for the delicate skin of babies. Moreover, Johnson’s baby product range is clinically proven and also mild for the first bath of newborn baby. In fact, the brand claims its products to be as mild as mothers touch and also as pure as mothers love. Triple protection seal signifies the brands promise to offer only products which are effective, safe and also mild for use on baby’s sensitive skin and hair. Moreover, that’s what makes them perfect for baby.

Johnson’s baby powder is a safe talcum powder which is made specially for babies. It helps to eliminate friction. The fragrance is very clean and classic and appeals small babies. This formulation incredibly stimulates and awakens your baby’s senses. It makes the baby feel fresh and happy. It is made of millions of round slippery plates which are tiny and glide over each other. They help to reduce the irritation which is caused by friction.


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