Lovjoy Pure Cotton Muslin Squares


Lovjoy Pure cotton muslin squares are made of breathable and soft cotton. It is ideal for baby’s soft, delicate skin. This attractive set of six muslin squares is a must have for sophisticated moms! You can use it as an emergency nappy, makeshift bib, cloth for burping, or use just as a functional towel. This piece of clothing is very versatile and make life moms very easy and sorted.

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About Lovjoy Pure Cotton Muslin Squares

These muslin squares from Lovjoy are very versatile and multipurpose. They come in a six pack size and are unisex. They are pattern muslins with 2 in cross pattern, 2 in chevron pattern and 2 in triangle pattern. Lovjoy Pure cotton muslin squares are extremely soft on babies skin. They have a size of 70*70 cms and are perfect to add in your diaper bag.

Lovjoy Pure cotton muslin squares are ideal for wiping and cleaning baby skin during feeding time. They are extremely soft on baby’s skin and can be also used as a bib, burp cloth or as a comfortable blanket. It can take many avatars and also make moms life easy. They are of pure cotton and with open weaves. In fact, this pattern makes them light and breathable and also perfect to prevent overheating.

They are machine washable and dont bleed any colours. In fact, the more you wash them , the more softer they will get. They are a perfect solution for all the daily cleaning needs of your baby and you can use them for almost everything.


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