Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion

Mother Sparsh baby lotion is an approved formulation based on Ayurveda that protects baby’s skin from dryness and keeps it soft, supple and smooth. Based on natural nourishing formula that helps to effectively moisturize skin and protect from various skin allergies. Mother Sparsh baby lotion contains gentle and mild ingredients so it is totally free from any adverse side effects. Hence, it’s perfect to use on your newborn baby’s skin.


Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion Description

Directions for use

Apply Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion liberally on your baby’s body after bathing.


Aloe Vera, Olea Europaea, Wheat Kernel Oil.

About Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion

Mother Sparsh is a brand that develops quality products which are enriched with herbs from ayurveda. Mother Sparsh claims their products to be safe and also effective. Their mission is to develop good quality products that help in healthier generation of babies. Mother Sparsh understands mom’s concern for babies hygiene and health. So the products are designed in such a way that they take care of delicate skin of babies. Furthermore, they have developed various baby products in their baby care range like Mother Sparsh baby lotion, lal tail, baby soap, baby powder, baby body wash, janam ghutti etc.

Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion is free from silicon and parabens so it is completely safe for baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is delicate as compared to adult skin and also prone to dryness. So it requires a lot of care initially as the skin barriers are still developing thereby making the skin prone to redness, irritation and rashes. You need a moisturizer to moisturize your baby’s skin effectively. This product is awesome and has no side effects. In fact, consistency of the moisturizing lotion is perfect and also has a pleasant fragrance. The key ingredients have the following benefits –

Aloe Vera

  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Relieve from irritation and prickly heat.
  • Also makes the skin radiant and glowing.

Olea Europaea

  • Maintains moisture barrier.
  • Protects the skin from dryness.

Wheat Kernel Oil

  • Possess anti-septic properties and is perfect for baby’s skin.
  • Has restorative, soothing and healing properties.


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