Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector

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Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector is a unique fabric sheet which is made up of many layers. It is little large in size for your grown up baby. This bed protector is breathable and has a smooth, soft and cozy top surface for babies to have a peaceful sleep. It provides maximum protection for whole night. It holds water weight up-to 8 times its original weight. It is also very hygienic, light and dries extremely fast.


Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector Description

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About Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector

Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector is a revolutionary baby product. It absorbs liquid easily than other ordinary rubber mats. In fact, it dries up quickly. This will leave your baby’s skin dry and help him to have a sound sleep. It is made up of a highly breathable material which makes sure to give optimum comfort for your baby. You can easily clean this sheet of bed protector by machine or by hands. Furthermore, it is easily fold-able and you can tuck it into your diapering bag for use anytime anywhere. It’s size is 100(W) x 140(L) cm.

Use Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector for protecting your bed, baby cot or car seat from baby wetting. It is also large enough for grown up babies. You can keep it over or under your bed-sheet. Since it is of soft fabric, it is safe and also does not feel hot for your baby’s sensitive skin. It doesn’t cause skin irritation. Secondly, it does not slip under the bed-sheet like the ordinary plastic or rubber mats. This bright orchid bed protector is ideal for protecting your bed and covers from stains without causing discomfort to your baby.


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