Lula Mom Nursing Pillow


This nursing pillow is specifically designed for meeting babies and mothers needs and comfort. The fabric which is used in making of the pillow doesn’t cause any kind of skin allergies to baby or to mom. In fact, it is very smooth and prevents babies sensitive and delicate skin from getting irritated. The color and pattern of the pillow is very soothing to eyes. And also makes the whole lactation and breast feeding process very comfortable. The color of product may slightly change depending on the lighting and monitor settings.


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Lula Mom Nursing Pillow Description

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About Lula Mom Nursing Pillow

Lula Mom Nursing pillow is a curved shaped long pillow which is designed specially by experts. It is to provide good rest and comfort to pregnant women. Moreover, regular postures of resting cause discomfort when pregnant. This is due to changes in body and baby’s weight which keeps increasing until delivery. Lula Mom Nursing pillow helps a pregnant women to rest in different postures which provides maximum comfort. Post delivery also it is very useful for supporting a sitting position.

The ergonomic design helps in supporting the back during nursing and in partitioning the bed when sleeping with baby. It is of cotton shell along with anti bacterial polymer fiber which is washable. The outer cover is soft cotton and is available in beautiful pleasing colors. It always remains light and soft. Furthermore, it has allergen protection so it will protect your baby from any kind of skin irritations or infections.

Lula Mom Nursing pillow is of multipurpose use for baby and mom while propping, bottle feeding or breastfeeding etc. It is excellent for using at home and also convenient while travelling. You can also use it on the floor to support baby when they try to sit upright.


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