QuestionsMy 7th month is going on. What can I do for normal delivery ?
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

My 7th month is going on. What can I do for normal delivery ?

Plz tell me some tips to follow for normal delivery. I am very scared of cesarean delivery

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Planning For Baby 2 years ago

Hi Nisha, natural birth is beneficial to you as well as your baby. There should not be any medical intervention until and unless it is extremely necessary. Please refer to the following points.
• Be active, exercise regularly
• Do pranayama and yoga for breathing exercises
• Don’t listen to the negative feedbacks about labor pains
• Choose your gynecologist after research
• Read and prepare yourself for natural birth process
• Check your endurance for pain via ice test. (hold a cube of ice for 10 seconds in your palm, and increase the time there after.)
• Talk to your partner about it.
• Focus on benefits of normal delivery
Do check the following link for further queries.
Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

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