Top 100 Indian Baby Names

Arun Kumar Arun Kumar means mythical charioteer of the sun, dawn Boy
Chethan Chethan means intelligence, perceiption, sprit of life, vigour, life Boy
Deekshith Deekshith means prepared, initiated Boy
Abhishek Abhishek means ritual, purification, shower of milk, water over an idol, anoint, bathing to god Boy
Gowtham Gowtham means lord buddha, remover of darkness, name of buddha, one of the seven rishis Boy
Deepak Deepak means lampe, kindle, brilliance Boy
Chetan Chetan means intelligence, perceiption, sprit of life, vigour, life Boy
Babu Babu means a pet name Boy
Chandu Chandu means the moon Boy
Devansh Devansh means part of god, eternal part of god, demigod Boy
Chandrashekhar Chandrashekhar means one who holds moon in his hair knot (shiva), lord shiva Boy
Aditya Aditya means newly risen sun, lord surya, the sun Boy
Charvik Charvik means intelligent Boy
Darshan Darshan means vision, knowledge, observation, doctrine, philosophy, perceive or vision or paying respect or religious text Boy
Aayansh Aayansh means the first ray of light, part of parents, gift of god Boy
Adwaith Adwaith means unique, another name for brahma and vishnu, non duality Boy
Harish Harish means lord shiva, shiva and vishnu conjoined Boy
Ajay Ajay means success, unconquerable, invincible Boy
Aaban Aaban means more clear, 8th persian month Boy
Basavaraj Basavaraj means lord of bulls Boy
Aadvik Aadvik means unique Boy
Balaji Balaji means another name of the hindu lord venkatachalapathy (tirupathi), a name of lord vishnu Boy
Chaitanya Chaitanya means life, knowledge, sage, soul, intellect, intelligence Boy
Akash Akash means the sky, open mindedness Boy
Bharath Bharath means descended from bharat, universal monarch, clever, race, a demigod and brother of raam, fire, one who fulfills all desires Boy
Chandan Chandan means sandalwood, auspicious, perfumed Boy
Adhvik Adhvik means unique Boy
Chandru Chandru means moon Boy
Ajit Kumar Ajit Kumar means always win Boy
Duryodhana Duryodhana means one of the kauravas Boy
Advaith Advaith means unique, another name for brahma and vishnu, non duality Boy
Adharv Adharv means lord ganesha, first veda Boy
Buddha Buddha means awakened, lord buddha, enlightened, the title first used for prince gautam who was the founder of the buddhist religion Boy
Bhargav Bhargav means lord shiva, attaining radiance, coming from bhrigu, an epithet of shiva, the planet venus, a good archer Boy
Akhil Akhil means complete Boy
Durgesh Durgesh means lord of forts Boy
Aabhat Aabhat means shining, visible, brilliant Boy
Abhay Abhay means fearless Boy
Bhuvan Bhuvan means palace, one of the three worlds, home, human Boy
Aadhish Aadhish means full of wisdom, intelligent, commanded, counselled Boy
Aariv Aariv means king of wisdom Boy
Aahaan Aahaan means dawn, sunrise, morning glory, first ray of light, one who is of the nature of time itself Boy
Dinesh Dinesh means the sun, day-lord Boy
Aadith Aadith means peak, lord of the sun, first Boy
Abhilash Abhilash means desire, affection Boy
Aahan Aahan means dawn, sunrise, morning glory, first ray of light, one who is of the nature of time itself Boy
Keerthan Keerthan means songs of worship, famous, prayer, praise Boy
Himanshu Himanshu means the moon Boy
Gopal Gopal means cowherd, another name of lord krishna Boy
Akhilesh Akhilesh means indestructible, immortal Boy
Charan Raj Charan Raj means king of the feet Boy
Ashwath Ashwath means this is the tree where buddha did meditate and gained lot of knowledge ... so it can also be considered as tree of knowledge, banyan tree Boy
Advit Advit means unique, focused Boy
Aarav Aarav means peaceful, sound, shout (celebrity parents name: akshay kumar & twinkle khanna) Boy
Aaryaveer Aaryaveer means brave man Boy
Bhishma Bhishma means one who has taken a terrible vow, son of santanu by ganga in mahabharat Boy
Advait Advait means unique, another name for brahma and vishnu, non duality Boy
Abhiram Abhiram means lord shiva, the most handsome, pleasing, giver of pleasure, wonderful Boy
Harshith Harshith means joyous, cheerful, happy Boy
Charan Charan means feet, one who chants praises, bard Boy
Brijesh Brijesh means god of the land of brij Boy
Abhinay Abhinay means expression Boy
Adil Adil means judge, honest, upright, justice, sincere, just Boy
Aadit Aadit means peak, lord of the sun, first Boy
Karthik Karthik means lord murugan, one who bestows courage, name of first month of vikrama samvat Boy
Advik Advik means unique Boy
Aadab Aadab means respect, hope and need Boy
Aabir Aabir means gulal Boy
Dhruv Dhruv means pole star, immovable, eternal, firm, steady Boy
Akshat Akshat means one who cannot be injured, rice offered to deity in hindu pooja, indestructible Boy
Abhinandan Abhinandan means to rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delight, congratulation, welcoming, felicitous Boy
Dhananjay Dhananjay means one who wins wealth Boy
Baadal Baadal means cloud Boy
Aaradh Aaradh means adoration, deep rapturous love Boy
Abdul Wahid Abdul Wahid means servant of the one, servant of god Boy
Aabhas Aabhas means feeling, virtual Boy
Abhir Abhir means a cowherd, name of dynasty Boy
Aafreen Aafreen means encouragement, praise, blessing Boy
Advith Advith means unique, focused Boy
Dheekshith Dheekshith means fair complexioned Boy
Nagaraju Nagaraju means king of snakes Boy
Adhyayan Adhyayan means education Boy
Pradeep Pradeep means light, shine, lamp, brilliant Boy
Bhushan Bhushan means ornament, decoration Boy
Aahnik Aahnik means prayer Boy
Aadesh Aadesh means command, message, counsel Boy
Aabdar Aabdar means bright, like glass Boy
Aadish Aadish means full of wisdom, intelligent, commanded, counselled Boy
Aadyant Aadyant means infinite from adi to ant, from begining to end Boy
Aanay Aanay means consort of goddess radha, another name of lord ganesh, without a superior, another name for lord vishnu Boy
Aadhar Aadhar means base Boy
Aadipta Aadipta means bright Boy
Abhimanyu Abhimanyu means self-respect, passionate, heroic, arjuna's son, proud (son of arjuna and subhadra, nephew to krishna. he was slain in the battle of kurukshetra when just sixteen years old.) Boy
Aadiv Aadiv means delicate Boy
Adwik Adwik means unique Boy
Aagney Aagney means karna, the great warrior, one who is born from fire (son of the fire) Boy
Aadil Aadil means honorable judge, justice, righteous Boy
Aadi Aadi means adornment, beginning, perfect, most important, ornament, unequalled, first Boy
Aadam Aadam means the first prophet of allah Boy
Aaditey Aaditey means son of aditi, the sun Boy