Purvabhadra Nakshatra Baby Girl Names

Daakshya Daakshya means cleverness, honesty, brilliance, efficient Girl
Daama Daama means prosperous, self-possessed, river, ocean Girl
Daamini Daamini means lightning, conquering, self-controlled Girl
Daayini Daayini means giver Girl
Dadhichi Dadhichi means name of a sage Girl
Dadhija Dadhija means daughter of milk Girl
Dainika Girl
Daivi Daivi means pious soule Girl
Dajshi Dajshi means glorious Girl
Daksha Daksha means the earth, sati, another name for paarvati (wife of lord shiva) Girl
Dakshaja Dakshaja means daughter Girl
Dakshakanya Dakshakanya means able daughter Girl
Dakshana Dakshana means sweet Girl
Dakshata Dakshata means skill Girl
Dakshayajnavinaashini Dakshayajnavinaashini means interrupter of the sacrifice of daksha Girl
Dakshayani Dakshayani means goddess durga, the daughter of daksh Girl
Dakshhtha Dakshhtha means efficiency, care Girl
Dakshika Dakshika means daughter of brahma Girl
Dakshina Dakshina means a donation to god or priest, competent, talented, with a southern orientation Girl
Dakshinya Dakshinya means goddess parvati, daughter of daksh (daughter of daksha prajapati) Girl
Dakshita Dakshita means skill Girl
Dalaja Dalaja means produced from petals Girl
Dali Dali means drawn up of god Girl
Damarugapriya Damarugapriya means name of a raga Girl
Damaruki Damaruki means sound of emotion Girl
Damayanthi Damayanthi means nalas wife, beautiful, kind of a jasmine Girl
Damayanti Damayanti means nalas wife, beautiful, kind of a jasmine Girl
Damini Damini means lightning, conquering, self-controlled Girl
Damyanti Damyanti means nalas wife, beautiful Girl
Dani Dani means god is my judge Girl
Dansika Girl
Danushri Danushri means the bow or name of a hindu rashi sagittarius Girl
Danusiya Danusiya means glow Girl
Danvi Danvi means charitable Girl
Danyata Danyata means success, fulfilment, money and good luck, thankful, blessed Girl
Daridriya Dhwamsini Daridriya Dhwamsini means destroyer of poverty, goddess lakshmi Girl
Daridriyanashini Daridriyanashini means remover of poverty, goddess lakshmi Girl
Daritree Daritree means the earth Girl
Darminee Darminee means religious Girl
Darpana Darpana means a small mirror Girl
Darpanika Darpanika means a small mirror Girl
Darsatha Darsatha means visible Girl
Darsha Darsha means to see, to perceive, to have vision Girl
Darshana Darshana means paying respect, vision, knowledge, observation, doctrine, philosophy Girl
Darshani Darshani means the one who blessed, beautiful, another name for goddess durga Girl
Darshi Darshi means blessings, lord krishna, moonlight Girl
Darshika Darshika means perceiver Girl
Darshini Darshini means the one who blessed, beautiful, another name for goddess durga Girl
Darshinika Girl
Darshita Darshita means sight, shown Girl
Darshitha Darshitha means sight, shown Girl
Darshna Darshna means pray to god Girl
Darsika Darsika means perceiver Girl
Dasha Dasha means circumstance, period of life, wick, condition, degree Girl
Dashami Dashami means in hindu traditional calender dashami means its 10th day Girl
Dashini Girl
Daxa Daxa means clever; glorious; brave; god gift; excellent Girl
Daxita Daxita means expert Girl
Dibya Dibya means divine luster, charming, beautiful, divine Girl
Digambari Digambari means goddess durga, sky clad, consort of digambar, epithet of durga Girl
Digisha Digisha means direction of god Girl
Digvi Digvi means conqueror, victorious Girl
Diksha Diksha means initiation, sacrifice, preparation for ceremony Girl
Diksheeka Diksheeka means very silent & simple Girl
Dikshika Dikshika means blessing giver Girl
Dikshita Dikshita means the initiated Girl
Dikshitha Dikshitha means the initiated Girl
Dikshya Dikshya means initiation Girl
Diksitha Diksitha means the initiated Girl
Dimpal Dimpal means a small indication one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles Girl
Dimpi Dimpi means determined and stubborn Girl
Dimpil Dimpil means dimples Girl
Dimple Dimple means a small indication one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles Girl
Dimpy Dimpy means determined and stubborn Girl
Dinal Dinal means sweet girl, variant of donald great chief Girl
Dinika Dinika means rising sun Girl
Dinisha Dinisha means god of wine Girl
Dinosha Dinosha means hearty welcome in bengali Girl
Dip Dip means a lamp, brilliance, beautiful, light Girl
Dipal Dipal means light, charm full girl Girl
Dipali Dipali means collection of lamps, row of lamps Girl
Dipanjali Girl
Dipanshi Dipanshi means brightness Girl
Dipanwita Dipanwita means lights of diwali Girl
Dipasha Dipasha means possessor of lights Girl
Dipashri Dipashri means light, lamp Girl
Dipati Dipati means divine, heavenly Girl
Dipika Dipika means a small lamp, light Girl
Dipisha Dipisha means lamp Girl
Dipranjan Girl
Dipta Dipta means shining, goddess lakshmi Girl
Diptee Diptee means flame or luster or glow or shine, brightness Girl
Dipti Dipti means flame or luster or glow or shine, brightness, brilliance, beauty Girl
Dipu Dipu means flame, light, shinning Girl
Dira Dira means beautiful, splendor, derived from indira - goddess laxmis name Girl
Dirsana Dirsana means light; lamp Girl
Disha Disha means direction Girl
Dishana Dishana means knowledge, wisdom, speech, hymn, goddess Girl
Dishani Dishani means queen of all four directions - east, west, north, south Girl
Dishari Dishari means who shows way Girl