Baby Boy Name Starting With Q

Qaabil Qaabil means able, capable Boy
Qaadir Qaadir means able, powerful Boy
Qaanit Qaanit means satisfied, contented, obedient, submissive, humble Boy
Qabeel Qabeel means able (son of sayyidina aadam) Boy
Qabil Qabil means able, capable Boy
Qadar Qadar means divine destiny, powerful Boy
Qadeer Qadeer means able, powerful Boy
Qadi Qadi means judge Boy
Qadim Qadim means ancient Boy
Qadir Qadir means able, powerful Boy
Qahir Qahir means courageous, brave, conqueror, destructor Boy
Qahtan Qahtan means name of a tribe Boy
Qaid Qaid means leader, commander Boy
Qaim Qaim means rising, standing, existing Boy
Qais Qais means firm, lover Boy
Qalandar Qalandar means one who lives in solitude Boy
Qamaruddin Qamaruddin means moon of the religion (islam) Boy
Qamirah Qamirah means moonlit Boy
Qamrun Qamrun means the moon Boy
Qani Qani means content, satisfied Boy
Qanit Qanit means satisfied, contented, obedient, submissive, humble Boy
Qarar Qarar means promise, comfort, succour Boy
Qareeb Qareeb means near Boy
Qasam Qasam means oath Boy
Qaseem Qaseem means distributor, divider Boy
Qasid Qasid means messenger Boy
Qasidul Haq Qasidul Haq means courier of the truth i.e. allah Boy
Qasif Qasif means discover Boy
Qasim Qasim means distributor, divider Boy
Qatadah Qatadah means a hardwood tree Boy
Qatawah Qatawah means a companion Boy
Qawee Qawee means strong, powerful, firm, mighty. one of the names of allah Boy
Qawi Qawi means strong, powerful, firm, mighty. one of the names of allah Boy
Qays Qays means firm, lover Boy
Qayyum Qayyum means self subsistent Boy
Qazafi Qazafi means one who lives in vast forest Boy
Qazi Qazi means judge, justice Boy
Qindil Qindil means oil lamp, light Boy
Qishen Qishen means deity krishna Boy
Qiwam Qiwam means support, prop Boy
Qiwamuddin Qiwamuddin means support of the religion (islam) Boy
Quadir Quadir means strong Boy
Quamar Quamar means prince, the moon Boy
Quarbani Quarbani means sacrifice Boy
Quasim Quasim means old generation Boy
Qudamah Qudamah means courage, companion of prophet (saw) Boy
Quddoos Quddoos means most holy Boy
Qudoos Qudoos means most holy Boy
Qudrat Qudrat means power, might, strength, nature, pure, clean, queen Boy
Qudratullah Qudratullah means power of allah Boy
Quds Quds means holiness, sanctity Boy
Qudsi Qudsi means holy, sacred Boy
Qudwa Qudwa means model, example Boy
Qumrah Qumrah means moonlight Boy
Qunbar Qunbar means turnstone Boy
Qurban Qurban means offering, sacrifice Boy
Qureshi Qureshi means attributed to quraish Boy
Qurram Qurram means happy Boy
Qusay Qusay means distant Boy
Qusta Qusta means he was ibn luqa he translate Boy
Qutaiba Qutaiba means irritable, impatient Boy
Qutaybah Qutaybah means irritable, impatient Boy
Qutb Qutb means celebrity, personality Boy
Qutbah Qutbah means celebrity, personality Boy
Qutbuddin Qutbuddin means leader of the religion (islam) Boy
Qutub Qutub means tall Boy
Qutuz Qutuz means type of rock Boy