Mrigashiras Nakshatra Baby Boy Names

Bejul Bejul means defender; protection; blessing; loved one; soul; a son of god Boy
Belavardhana Belavardhana means one of the kauravas Boy
Benny Benny means abbreviation of benjamin and benedict Boy
Benoy Benoy means polite Boy
Bodh Bodh means awakening, perception, knowledge, intelligence, enlightenment Boy
Bodhan Bodhan means kindling Boy
Bodish Bodish means buddhas tree Boy
Bomik Bomik means land owner Boy
Boopalan Boy
Boopathi Boopathi means lord of the earth, the hero of stunts Boy
Boudhayan Boudhayan means the name of a sage Boy
Boudik Boy
Dashrathi Dashrathi means lord rama, son of dasharatha Boy
Kaachim Kaachim means where clouds rest, a sacred tree Boy
Kaal Kaal means time, destiny, occasion, black, destruction, death black, another name for krishna and shiva Boy
Kaalik Kaalik means darkness, long-lived Boy
Kaam Kaam means effort, work, desire, passion, love, delight, the god of love Boy
Kaamaj Kaamaj means born of love Boy
Kaamat Kaamat means unrestrained, free Boy
Kaamik Kaamik means desired Boy
Kaamod Kaamod means one who grants wishes, generous, a musical raag Boy
Kaanchanadhwaja Kaanchanadhwaja means one of the kauravas Boy
Kaanha Kaanha means young, lord krishna Boy
Kaanishik Kaanishik means an ancient king Boy
Kaanishk Kaanishk means an ancient king, small, a king who followed buddhism Boy
Kaant Kaant means husband, adored, precious, pleasant, spring, beloved by the moon, the moon pleasant Boy
Kaartik Kaartik means name of one of the months, inspiring with courage and joy Boy
Kaartikeya Kaartikeya means son of lord shiva, brave, vigorous, active, inspiring with courage, the planet mars Boy
Kaaru Kaaru means maker, poet Boy
Kaash Kaash means appearance Boy
Kaashik Kaashik means the shining one, brilliant, another name for the city of banaras Boy
Kaashin Kaashin means brilliant, lord of kashi varanasi or lord shiva Boy
Kaashya Kaashya means rush-bottom, grass Boy
Kaashyap Kaashyap means a famous sage, lily, one who drinks water Boy
Kabalikrut Kabalikrut means swallower of the sun Boy
Kabalikruta Kabalikruta means one who swallowed the sun Boy
Kabilan Kabilan means lord ganesh, name of saint Boy
Kabilash Kabilash means always good Boy
Kach Kach means one who is empty, hollow, vain, hair, splendour, attractiveness, cloud Boy
Kachap Kachap means cloud drinker, leaf Boy
Kadamb Kadamb means name of a tree Boy
Kadamban Kadamban means lord murugan, muruga came to tamilnadu with kadamba rulers, muruga wields the kadamba stalk in his hands Boy
Kaditula Kaditula means sword Boy
Kahaan Kahaan means world, lord krishna, universe Boy
Kahan Kahan means world, lord krishna, universe Boy
Kaher Kaher means anger Boy
Kahkashan Kahkashan means stars Boy
Kailas Kailas means one who bestows peace, name of a himalayan peak, abode of lord shiva Boy
Kailash Kailash means one who bestows peace, name of a himalayan peak, abode of lord shiva Boy
Kailashadhipati Kailashadhipati means lord of mount kailash Boy
Kailashchandra Kailashchandra means lord shiva, lord of mount kailash or lord shiva Boy
Kailashnath Kailashnath means master of mount kailash, lord shiva Boy
Kailasnath Kailasnath means master of mount kailash, lord shiva Boy
Kairabh Kairabh means born from lotus Boy
Kairav Kairav means white lotus, born of water, gambler Boy
Kaishik Kaishik means passion, fine, hair-like, love, vigour, a musical raag Boy
Kaitak Kaitak means comeing from the kerva tree, tree Boy
Kaitav Kaitav means hindu sage, an old rushi, deceitful, gambler Boy
Kaivally Boy
Kaivalya Kaivalya means perfect isolation, salvation, bliss Boy
Kajish Kajish means lord vinayagar Boy
Kaki Kaki means black bird Boy
Kakshak Kakshak means living in the forest, free, forest dweller Boy
Kakshap Kakshap means water drinker, tortoise Boy
Kal Hans Kal Hans means swan Boy
Kala Priya Kala Priya means lover of art Boy
Kaladhar Kaladhar means one who shows different phases Boy
Kalai Kalai means nallavan Boy
Kalanabha Kalanabha means controller of time Boy
Kalanath Kalanath means the moon Boy
Kalanemi Kalanemi means pramathana slayer of kalanemi Boy
Kalanithi Boy
Kalap Kalap means the moon, intelligent, collection, the tail of a peacock, totality, decoration Boy
Kalapak Kalapak means possessed with skills, skilful, collection, a peacock, decoration, the moon Boy
Kalaparan Kalaparan means strong; growing up Boy
Kalapin Kalapin means peacock, cuckoo Boy
Kalash Kalash means sacred pot, the pinnacle of a temple, holy urn Boy
Kalathar Boy
Kalawati Kalawati means artistic or goddess parvati Boy
Kalesh Kalesh means lord of everything Boy
Kalhan Kalhan means knower of meaning, informative, perceptive, voracious reader, sound Boy
Kalhar Kalhar means the white lily, water lily, lotus Boy
Kalicharan Kalicharan means devotee of goddess kali Boy
Kalidaas Kalidaas means great poet, devotee of goddess kali Boy
Kalidas Kalidas means great poet, devotee of goddess kali Boy
Kalil Kalil means crown, wealth, bosom friend, profound, difficult to attain Boy
Kalimohan Kalimohan means a devotee of goddess kali Boy
Kalind Kalind means mountain, bestowing arts and skills, the sun Boy
Kaling Kaling means bird, artistic Boy
Kalipada Kalipada means a devotee of goddess kali Boy
Kaliranjan Kaliranjan means devotee of goddess kali Boy
Kalit Kalit means known, understood Boy
Kalith Kalith means known, understood Boy
Kaliya Kaliya means a huge serpent Boy
Kaliyah Kaliyah means slayer of thousand headed dragon Boy
Kaliyugavaradhan Kaliyugavaradhan means protector in kaliyug Boy
Kalki Kalki means white horse Boy
Kalkin Kalkin means tenth incarnation of lord vishnu Boy
Kalmesh Kalmesh means another name of lord shiva Boy
Kalol Kalol means chirp of birds Boy