Baby Boy Name Starting With I

Ibaad Ibaad means a worshipper Boy
Ibhan Ibhan means lord ganesh, the god having mouth of elephant Boy
Ibhanan Ibhanan means elephant faced Boy
Ibhya Ibhya means possessor of many attendants Boy
Ibn Sina Ibn Sina means ibnsina means sina was the father of abu ali ib-e-sina Boy
Ibraheem Ibraheem means abraham, earth, abraham, earth a prophets name Boy
Ibrahim Ibrahim means abraham, earth, abraham, earth a prophets name Boy
Id Id means feast season Boy
Idaspati Idaspati means god of rain (lord vishnu) Boy
Iddham Iddham means shining, brilliant, sunshine Boy
Idhant Idhant means luminous, one who spreads light, wonderful Boy
Idhayan Idhayan means joy of heart Boy
Idrees Idrees means a prophets name, fiery lord Boy
Idris Idris means a prophets name, fiery lord Boy
Idum Idum means red Boy
Iesa Iesa means a prophets name Boy
Ifran Ifran means identity Boy
Ifraz Ifraz means height, altitude, elevation Boy
Iftikhar-Ud-Din Iftikhar-Ud-Din means pride of the religion (islam) Boy
Iftikharus Sadat Iftikharus Sadat means pride of the chiefs Boy
Iham Iham means expected, thin, desire Boy
Ihit Ihit means prize, honor, effort, desire Boy
Ihsaan Ihsaan means kindness, beneficence, highest level of iman Boy
Ihsanul Haq Ihsanul Haq means kindness of the truth (allah) Boy
Ihtesham Ihtesham means magnificent Boy
Ihtiraam Ihtiraam means honor, hold in honor Boy
Ihtiram Ihtiram means honor, hold in honor Boy
Ihtishaam Ihtishaam means having many followers, modesty, decency Boy
Ihtsham Ihtsham means strength Boy
Iim Iim means science Boy
Ijay Ijay means lord vishnu Boy
Ijazul Haq Ijazul Haq means inimitability of the truth Boy
Ijjatpal Ijjatpal means protector of dignity Boy
Ijjatwant Ijjatwant means highly dignified Boy
Ijkaagar Ijkaagar means state of peace Boy
Ijli Ijli means this was the name of the makes of astrolabes Boy
Ijtiba Ijtiba means chosen Boy
Ikansh Ikansh means whole universe Boy
Ikbal Ikbal means glory, destiny, desire Boy
Ikhtiar Ikhtiar means master Boy
Ikhtiyar Ikhtiyar means choice, preference, selection Boy
Ikjeet Ikjeet means gods victory Boy
Ikman Ikman means one mind heart mind soul Boy
Ikongkar Ikongkar means one creator Boy
Ikpreet Ikpreet means love of god Boy
Ikramullah Ikramullah means glory of allah Boy
Ikrima Ikrima means a female pigeon name of an Boy
Ikrimah Ikrimah means a female pigeon Boy
Ikroop Ikroop means oneness with god Boy
Ikrut Ikrut means one season Boy
Ikshan Ikshan means sight, eye, look, care Boy
Ikshit Ikshit means desired, done with intention, visible, beheld Boy
Iksir Iksir means elixir Boy
Ilahi Ilahi means my lord for (allah), divine Boy
Ilahi Bakhsh Ilahi Bakhsh means gift of allah Boy
Ilaiyavan Ilaiyavan means youthful Boy
Ilakkuvan Ilakkuvan means it is the tamil form of the name lakshman, it also mean ambitious person, the one who has goal, desire Boy
Ilamporai Ilamporai means prince Boy
Ilamurugu Ilamurugu means young lord murugan Boy
Ilan Ilan means good person Boy
Ilancheliyan Ilancheliyan means full of youthful potential Boy
Ilandevan Ilandevan means young master Boy
Ilango Ilango means prince, author of tamil masterpiece silappadhikaram Boy
Ilanthirayan Ilanthirayan means young man whose influence extends beyond the seas Boy
Ilapataye Ilapataye means lord of the earth Boy
Ilash Ilash means another name of god Boy
Ilashpasti Ilashpasti means lord of the earth Boy
Ilavalagan Ilavalagan means young and handsome Boy
Ilavarasan Ilavarasan means prince Boy
Ilesh Ilesh means lord of the earth, king of the earth Boy
Ilias Ilias means a prophets name Boy
Ilifat Ilifat means friendship, kindness, obligation Boy
Ilisa Ilisa means king of the earth, queen of the earth Boy
Illiyas Illiyas means name of one prophet, god is god Boy
Iltifat Iltifat means friendship, kindness Boy
Ilush Ilush means saffron, a traveller Boy
Ilyas Ilyas means a prophets name Boy
Imaad Imaad means pillar, post, support Boy
Imaad Udeen Imaad Udeen means the pillar of the faith Boy
Imad Imad means pillar, post, support Boy
Imad Al Din Imad Al Din means pillar of the faith Boy
Imaduddin Imaduddin means pillar of the faith (islam) Boy
Imam Imam means leader Boy
Iman Iman means faith, belief, faith in allah Boy
Imaran Imaran means strong, prosperity population, a prophets name Boy
Imdad Imdad means charity Boy
Imon Imon means priority Boy
Impal Boy
Imran Imran means strong, prosperity population, a prophets name Boy
Imran Ali Imran Ali means strong, prosperity population, a prophets name Boy
Imrat Imrat means love Boy
Imrose Imrose means first rose Boy
Imtiaz Imtiaz means power of discrimination Boy
Imtiyaz Imtiyaz means great king Boy
In’am In’am means act of benefaction Boy
Inab Inab means grape Boy
Inabah Inabah means vine Boy
Inakanta Inakanta means beloved of the sun Boy
Inamul Haq Inamul Haq means gift of truth (allah) Boy
Inayatuddin Inayatuddin means care of religion (islam) Boy