Baby Boy Name Starting With C

Carman Carman means doer Boy
Cemal Cemal means perfect beauty Boy
Ceyone Ceyone means rising sun Boy
Chaah Chaah means love, pit, fondness, fancy, wish, longing, desired Boy
Chaanakya Chaanakya means son of chanak, renowned mauryan writer and politician, author of the arthashastra Boy
Chaand Chaand means sincere wish, the moon, to shine Boy
Chaaran Chaaran means feet, one who chants praises, bard Boy
Chaaruchithra Chaaruchithra means one of the kauravas Boy
Chaayan Chaayan means moon, collection Boy
Chahan Chahan means super Boy
Chahat Chahat means love Boy
Chahel Chahel means good cheer Boy
Chaidya Chaidya means wise, ruler, king of chedi Boy
Chain Chain means peace Boy
Chainpreet Chainpreet means peaceful love Boy
Chaisaran Boy
Chaital Chaital means consciousness Boy
Chaitan Chaitan means consciousness, perception, intelligence, vigour, life Boy
Chaitanya Chaitanya means life, knowledge, sage, soul, intellect, intelligence Boy
Chaithanya Chaithanya means life, knowledge, sage, soul, intellect, intelligence Boy
Chaitnya Chaitnya means divine radiance, consciousness, life, knowledge Boy
Chaitreyesh Boy
Chaitya Chaitya means place of worship, of the mind, spirit, a stupa Boy
Chak Chak means brilliant, happy, sated Boy
Chakardhar Chakardhar means lord vishnu, the one who bears the chakra Boy
Chakarpreet Chakarpreet means loving servant Boy
Chakesh Chakesh means intelligent Boy
Chakor Chakor means a bird enamored of the moon Boy
Chakra Chakra means a weapon of lord vishnu, circular Boy
Chakradev Chakradev means lord vishnu, lord of chakra i.e. discus, name of vishnu Boy
Chakradhar Chakradhar means lord vishnu, the one who bears the chakra Boy
Chakrapani Chakrapani means name of lord vishnu Boy
Chakravartee Chakravartee means a sovereign king Boy
Chakravarthi Chakravarthi means emperor Boy
Chakresh Chakresh means name of lord vishnu Boy
Chakrik Chakrik means one with a discus Boy
Chakrin Chakrin means one with a discus, anthor name of lord vishnu and lord shiva Boy
Chakshan Chakshan means good looking Boy
Chakshas Chakshas means sight, look, guide, vision, brilliance, another name for brihaspati, the teacher of the gods Boy
Chakshu Chakshu means eye Boy
Chaman Chaman means flower garden Boy
Chamanjeet Chamanjeet means victory of garden Boy
Chamanlal Chamanlal means garden Boy
Chamanpreet Chamanpreet means love for garden Boy
Chamanroop Chamanroop means beautiful like a garden Boy
Chamkaur Boy
Champak Champak means a flower Boy
Chanak Chanak means sweet sound of bangles, miner, digger, mouse (father of chanakya) Boy
Chanakya Chanakya means renowned mauryan writer and politician, author of the arthashastra, name of kautilya, the great scholar Boy
Chanann Chanann means to filter a substance, or to filter particles out of a substance Boy
Chananpreet Chananpreet means love for the light of god Boy
Chanchaladwala Chanchaladwala means glittering tail suspended above the head Boy
Chanchaljeet Chanchaljeet means victory of the lively Boy
Chanchalpreet Chanchalpreet means love for the lively Boy
Chanchareek Chanchareek means bee Boy
Chand Chand means sincere wish, the moon, to shine Boy
Chandak Chandak means brillinat, the moon Boy
Chandan Chandan means sandalwood, auspicious, perfumed Boy
Chandanbir Chandanbir means sandal victory Boy
Chandandeep Chandandeep means sandal lamp Boy
Chandanpal Chandanpal means preserver of sandalwood Boy
Chandar Chandar means the moon Boy
Chandavarman Chandavarman means an old king Boy
Chandeep Chandeep means bright of moon. Boy
Chander Chander means the moon Boy
Chanderbhan Chanderbhan means chander means moon, bhan means the sun both meaning is energy energetic and peace nature Boy
Chanderjit Chanderjit means one who has conquered the moon Boy
Chanderjot Chanderjot means moons light Boy
Chanderpreet Chanderpreet means moons love Boy
Chandhu Chandhu means the moon Boy
Chandidas Chandidas means name of a saint Boy
Chandra Chandra means the moon Boy
Chandra Bhan Chandra Bhan means the moon Boy
Chandra Sai Chandra Sai means the moon Boy
Chandraayan Chandraayan means the moon Boy
Chandrabha Chandrabha means luster of moon light Boy
Chandrabhan Chandrabhan means the moon Boy
Chandrachur Chandrachur means lord shiva, the moon Boy
Chandradev Chandradev means moon god, a king Boy
Chandraditya Chandraditya means name of a king Boy
Chandragupt Chandragupt means name of ancient king Boy
Chandrahaas Chandrahaas means smiling like a moon, bow of lord shiva Boy
Chandrahas Chandrahas means smiling like a moon, bow of lord shiva Boy
Chandrak Chandrak means peacock feather Boy
Chandrakant Chandrakant means beloved by the moon Boy
Chandrakanta Chandrakanta means the moon, moon stone, consort of the moon Boy
Chandraketu Chandraketu means moon banner Boy
Chandrakiran Chandrakiran means moonbeam Boy
Chandrakirthi Chandrakirthi means as famous as the moon Boy
Chandrakishore Chandrakishore means the moon Boy
Chandrama Chandrama means the moon Boy
Chandramadhav Chandramadhav means sweet Boy
Chandramauli Chandramauli means the one who wears moon on head, meaning lord shiva Boy
Chandramohan Chandramohan means attractive like the moon Boy
Chandramouli Chandramouli means the one who wears moon on head, meaning lord shiva Boy
Chandran Chandran means the moon, moon-like a face Boy
Chandranan Chandranan means the moon, moon-like a face Boy
Chandranath Chandranath means the moon Boy
Chandranshu Chandranshu means ray of moon Boy
Chandrapal Chandrapal means master of the moon Boy