Top 100 Sikh Baby Names

Aaradh Aaradh means adoration, deep rapturous love Boy
Aadroop Aadroop means embodiment of the beginning-less Boy
Acharaj Acharaj means wondrous being Boy
Agamjeet Agamjeet means gods light, victory of god Boy
Biswajit Biswajit means the world winner, the conqueror Boy
Balwinder Balwinder means god of force, strong Boy
Balkar Balkar means mighty creator Boy
Balraj Balraj means strong, king Boy
Aayatpreet Aayatpreet means version of god Boy
Aarvinder Aarvinder means of the god of heavens Boy
Agambir Agambir means brave as god Boy
Agamdeep Agamdeep means beyond limits Boy
Agampreet Agampreet means love for god Boy
Amanpreet Amanpreet means love with peace Boy
Akal-Ustat Akal-Ustat means praise to timeless, eternal Boy
Baljeet Baljeet means mighty victorious' href='boy-names-for-meaning-victorious.aspx'>victorious, might victor Boy
Akharee Akharee means from gods word Boy
Agamjit Agamjit means gods light, victory of god Boy
Baljinder Baljinder means one who cares for others Boy
Amarjeet Boy
Agamjot Agamjot means gods light, the inaccessible light Boy
Amritvaani Amritvaani means sweet voice, true saying Boy
Agampal Agampal means god as protector Boy
Adishvar Adishvar means the foremost god Boy
Ajinder Ajinder means victorious Boy
Azaadbir Azaadbir means fearless Boy
Ajminder Ajminder means presence of the god of heaven Boy
Anokh Anokh means extraordinary and wondrous, unique, wondrous Boy
Bindar Bindar means an intimate particle of the god of heaven Boy
Aditpal Aditpal means protector of the sun Boy
Alokpal Alokpal means preserver of light Boy
Akshdeep Akshdeep means the lamp of light in the sky Boy
Adol Adol means stable Boy
Akalpurkh Akalpurkh means immortal personality (god) Boy
Akalsahai Akalsahai means undying succourer, supporter Boy
Attamjeet Attamjeet means god of spiritually Boy
Baljit Baljit means mighty victorious' href='boy-names-for-meaning-victorious.aspx'>victorious, might victor Boy
Arvinder Arvinder means of the god of heavens Boy
Aganee Aganee means fire Boy
Charankawal Charankawal means lotus like feet - as those of the guru Boy
Ajaypal Ajaypal means to gain a victory over Boy
Aklaksh Aklaksh means imperceptible, invisible god Boy
Angad Veer Angad Veer means heroic brother of the original one Boy
Bhavneet Bhavneet means moral of the world Boy
Ajaipal Ajaipal means to gain a victory over Boy
Amaljot Amaljot means pure flame Boy
Armeet Armeet means friend of an enemy Boy
Akaldeep Akaldeep means eternal lamp, lamp of the god Boy
Dilpreet Dilpreet means loving heart Boy
Bibinanaki Bibinanaki means lady of maternal family Boy
Balinder Balinder means lord krishna, strong and powerful god Boy
Balvir Balvir means strong soldier, powerful and brave Boy
Adsach Adsach means prime truth Boy
Amritleen Amritleen means one imbued in the lords nectar Boy
Akal Akal means immortal, undying, timeless, chief of a tribe, supreme being Boy
Anilpal Anilpal means immaculate protector Boy
Achraj Achraj means wondrous Boy
Ajaib Ajaib means wonderful Boy
Amanbir Amanbir means strength of peace, the one who fights for peace Boy
Amarpal Amarpal means imperishable protector Boy
Akalvir Akalvir means one who conquers peace, gods immortal warrior Boy
Baaz Baaz means falcon, music, to play an instrument, eagle Boy
Akaltat Akaltat means the eternal reality Boy
Akaaldeep Akaaldeep means eternal lamp, lamp of the god Boy
Amritbaan Boy
Ahsmit Ahsmit means trustworthy friend Boy
Bachittar Boy
Aprinder Aprinder means infinite god of heaven Boy
Bilawal Bilawal means happy, god like Boy
Aayakar Aayakar means obedient Boy
Amarjot Amarjot means the immortal light Boy
Ajmir Ajmir means presence of the foremost one Boy
Harvinder Harvinder means god of heaven Boy
Akaashdeep Akaashdeep means illuminated heavenly realm, star in the sky Boy
Anaahat Anaahat means limitless, infinite, unbeaten, new, uninjured Boy
Birbhoop Birbhoop means brave king Boy
Bahadar Bahadar means one who is brave and corageous Boy
Abani Abani means earth Boy
Amrikh Amrikh means ancient sage Boy
Anantvir Anantvir means boundlessly heroic Boy
Barindra Barindra means lord of the ocean Boy
Biplab Boy
Amarpreet Amarpreet means immortal love of god Boy
Bhavjeet Bhavjeet means one who swims across the dreadful world ocean Boy
Akalras Akalras means elixir of love of god Boy
Akalbir Akalbir means one who conquers peace, gods immortal warrior Boy
Birindar Birindar means the brave god Boy
Bharpoor Bharpoor means one who is content, full to the brim Boy
Antarjot Antarjot means the divine light within Boy
Baltej Baltej means one with glorious might Boy
Bhavpal Bhavpal means lord, the worlds protector Boy
Bhavandeep Bhavandeep means temple lamp Boy
Ajaath Ajaath means without caste Boy
Angaddev Angaddev means in service of the original one Boy
Amitoj Amitoj means unlimited glow Boy
Birinder Birinder means king of warriors Boy
Amoljot Amoljot means priceless light Boy
Babaljeet Babaljeet means full with love Boy
Akalroop Akalroop means of eternal form, of eternal beauty Boy
Birjot Birjot means light of the brave Boy