Sikh Baby Girl Names

Ajooni Ajooni means beyond transmigration, incarnation (god) Girl
Akalsharan Girl
Akalsimar Akalsimar means one remembering the eternal god Girl
Akalsukh Akalsukh means forever in peace and delight Girl
Akalya Akalya means wish Girl
Amritpreet Amritpreet means lover of immortalizing nectar Girl
Anahat Anahat means limitless, infinite, unbeaten, new, uninjured Girl
Anjila Anjila means homage Girl
Antarpreet Antarpreet means one who loves the light within Girl
Anureet Anureet means an atom culture Girl
Babli Girl
Bairagi Bairagi means detached, free from desire and attaclunent Girl
Bakshi Bakshi means blessed Girl
Bebe Bebe means lady of the house, lady, bringer of joy Girl
Channan Channan means full of fragrance like sandalwood Girl
Chhab Chhab means beauty, splendor, brilliance, fashion, form, figure Girl
Chhabba Chhabba means gold, silver ornament Girl
Chhail Chhail means beautiful, handsome Girl
Dhianni Dhianni means meditative one Girl
Dilshan Girl
Dishmeet Girl
Divyajyot Girl
Ekampooj Ekampooj means worshipper of the supreme being Girl
Ekampreet Ekampreet means love for ones god Girl
Ekamroop Ekamroop means embodiment of oneness Girl
Eknoor Eknoor means one light Girl
Eshnaa Eshnaa means desire Girl
Eveneet Girl
Faajal Faajal means accomplished, bountiful grace Girl
Faal Faal means oracle, fruit Girl
Fajal Fajal means accomplished, bountiful grace Girl
Fal Fal means oracle, fruit Girl
Gargot Girl
Gatleen Gatleen means merged in freedom Girl
Gatsimar Gatsimar means liberation through meditation Girl
Gauravpreet Gauravpreet means love for glory Girl
Geetleen Geetleen means absorbed in the songs of bliss Girl
Giaanpreet Giaanpreet means one who loves the divine knowledge Girl
Gianpreet Gianpreet means one who loves the divine knowledge Girl
Hamreet Hamreet means beloved of god, friend of god Girl
Haneet Girl
Hanit Hanit means happiness, spade Girl
Haramrit Haramrit means gods immortalizing nectar Girl
Haranjan Haranjan means to stay in eyes of god Girl
Harbakhs Harbakhs means gods gift Girl
Hardipa Hardipa means lamp of god Girl
Hargeet Hargeet means lords blissful songs Girl
Hargurmeet Hargurmeet means god and gurus friend Girl
Hariamrit Hariamrit means nectar of god Girl
Haridatta Haridatta means gods gift Girl
Harigun Harigun means virtuous god Girl
Harlaxmi Harlaxmi means deities of fortune Girl
Harmansukh Harmansukh means peace from gods heart Girl
Harminder Harminder means god of heaven Girl
Harneez Harneez means equal treatment to all Girl
Haroop Haroop means beautiful god Girl
Harpooj Harpooj means worshipping god Girl
Harpreetkour Harpreetkour means loving each Girl
Harroop Harroop means beautiful god Girl
Harseerat Harseerat means light Girl
Harseetal Harseetal means peaceful through remembering god Girl
Harshagun Girl
Harshardha Harshardha means faith in god Girl
Harsimran Harsimran means remembrance of god Girl
Harsimranjodh Harsimranjodh means warrior in remembrance of god Girl
Harsimranjot Harsimranjot means light of remembrance of god Girl
Harsimransukh Harsimransukh means peace with remembrance of god Girl
Harsimrat Harsimrat means gods remebrance Girl
Harsleen Girl
Harsukh Harsukh means peaceful through dwelling on god Girl
Hetpaul Hetpaul means protector of love Girl
Hoojoe Hoojoe means guard Girl
Hualeena Hualeena means light Girl
Humpreet Humpreet means hum aur preet Girl
Huzra Huzra means prudence Girl
Ibadat Ibadat means worship Girl
Ikam Ikam means entirely one Girl
Ikjas Ikjas means praise of one Girl
Ikjot Ikjot means the one light, gods light Girl
Ikleen Ikleen means absorbed in one Girl
Ikmoorat Ikmoorat means form of the one supreme being Girl
Ikpooj Ikpooj means worshipper of the supreme being Girl
Ishleen Ishleen means absorbed in the almighty Girl
Ishwarpreet Ishwarpreet means gods beloved Girl
Jakkhleen Jakkhleen means one absorbed in worship Girl
Jangi Jangi means warrior Girl
Japeen Japeen means spiritual Girl
Japleen Japleen means absorbed in gods remembrance Girl
Japnail Japnail means general in the military Girl
Jasinder Jasinder means glory of god Girl
Jasjeet Jasjeet means glorious victory Girl
Jasjinder Jasjinder means glory of god Girl
Jasmeen Jasmeen means a flower, praise of distinction Girl
Jasminder Jasminder means lords glory Girl
Jasnoor Jasnoor means the light of god Girl
Jaspati Jaspati means praiseworthy master Girl
Jaspinder Jaspinder means lords glory Girl
Jaspreet Jaspreet means the one who loves to sing the praises of the lord Girl
Jasveen Jasveen means get victory, hero of fame, famous personality Girl
Jeba Girl