Baby Boy Name Starting With S

Sa’adah Sa’adah means happiness Boy
Sa’d al Din Sa’d al Din means good of the faith Boy
Sa’ib Sa’ib means appropriate, correct Boy
Saabir Saabir means patient, tolerant Boy
Saachar Saachar means yahweh has remembered, appropriate, well-mannered Boy
Saad Saad means good luck, happy Boy
Saadah Saadah means happiness Boy
Saadar Saadar means attached, respectful, thoughtful Boy
Saadhan Saadhan means work, achievement, worship, the shelter, fulfilment Boy
Saadhav Saadhav means simple, loyal, decent, peaceful, worthy, chaste, devout worthy, noble Boy
Saadhik Saadhik means winner, pious, proficient Boy
Saadhin Saadhin means achievement, work Boy
Saadi Saadi means marriage Boy
Saaduddin Saaduddin means success of the religion (islam) Boy
Saadullah Saadullah means joy of allah Boy
Saafi Saafi means pure, clear, crystal Boy
Saafir Saafir means ambassador, handsome, emissary, mediator Boy
Saagar Saagar means sea, ocean Boy
Saagarik Saagarik means belonging to the ocean Boy
Saagnik Saagnik means one who wins the fire, fiery, passionate, married Boy
Saahas Saahas means valour, bravery, happy, laughing Boy
Saahass Saahass means adventure Boy
Saahasya Saahasya means mighty, powerful Boy
Saahat Saahat means stong, powerful Boy
Saahib Saahib means master, gentleman, companion Boy
Saahil Saahil means sea shore, guide, shore, bank Boy
Saahir Saahir means wakeful, magician, alert, nocturnal Boy
Saaiq Saaiq means he who drives on the right path Boy
Saaj Saaj means one who worships god, beauteous tranquillity Boy
Saajid Saajid means protractor, one who worships god Boy
Saakar Saakar means manifestation of god, shapely, concrete, formal, attractive Boy
Saakash Saakash means one with a light shone upon him, illumination, brilliance, an enlightened soul Boy
Saaket Saaket means lord krishna, having the same intention Boy
Saaksh Saaksh means true, witness, with eyes Boy
Saal Saal means the year consisting of twelve months Boy
Saalan Saalan means one of the kauravas Boy
Saalih Saalih means good, righteous, safe, whole, flawless Boy
Saamant Saamant means bordering, leader, universal whole, near, omnipresent Boy
Saamar Saamar means accompanied by the eternal gods, fruit, outcome, possession, conflict, son Boy
Saami Saami means eminent, exalted, high, sublime, similar Boy
Saamir Saamir means early morning fragrance, entertaining companion, wind Boy
Saamod Saamod means pleased, happy, fragrant Boy
Saanal Saanal means fiery, energetic, powerful, vigorous Boy
Saanidhya Saanidhya means abode of god, nera Boy
Saanjya Saanjya means unique, incomparable Boy
Saaqib Saaqib means shining star Boy
Saaran Saaran means surrender, injuring, running, lily, yard of a sail Boy
Saarang Saarang means a musical instrument, distinguished, brilliance, light, jewel, gold light, the earth, a musical raag another name for the love god kaama and shiva Boy
Saaransh Saaransh means summary, in brief, precise, result Boy
Saaras Saaras means swan, the moon Boy
Saarik Saarik means resembling a small song bird, melodious, stream, precious Boy
Saariyah Saariyah means clouds at night, name of a companion of the prophet Boy
Saarth Saarth means charioteer of partha (arjun) Boy
Saarvendra Saarvendra means every where, god Boy
Saatej Saatej means possessing of brilliance and intelligence, soft Boy
Saathvi Saathvi means existence, real Boy
Saathvik Saathvik means calm, virtuous and another name of lord shiva Boy
Saatvik Saatvik means virtuous, lord krishna, worthy, important, pure, good Boy
Saavan Saavan means the fifth month of the hindu year, one who offers a sacrifice to god, rain during monsoon season Boy
Saavant Saavant means employer Boy
Saavitra Saavitra means of the sun, offering, fire Boy
saavyas saavyas means bring together Boy
Saayak Saayak means weapon, kind and helpful Boy
Saayan Saayan means friend, kind heart Boy
saayed saayed means leader, lord, master Boy
Saayir Saayir means voyager Boy
Sab Sab means lion Boy
Sabal Sabal means with strength Boy
Sabaque Sabaque means one who surpasses, excels Boy
Sabar Sabar means nectar, distinguished Boy
Sabareesh Sabareesh means lord of sabari hill, lord ayyappa Boy
Sabareeshwara Sabareeshwara means lord of sabari hill, lord ayyappa Boy
Sabari Sabari means a tribal devotee of lord rama, one who lives in sabari hill, lord ayyappa Boy
Sabari Gireesh Sabari Gireesh means lord of sabari hill, lord ayyappa Boy
Sabariesh Boy
Sabarinath Sabarinath means lord rama, lord of sabari Boy
Sabarinathan Sabarinathan means lord ayyappa Boy
Sabarish Sabarish means lord of sabari hill, lord ayyappa Boy
Sabarishri Sabarishri means lord ayyappa Boy
Sabawoon Sabawoon means dawn, morning Boy
Sabbagh Sabbagh means dyer Boy
Sabbar Sabbar means extremely patient Boy
Sabbir Sabbir means pious, beautiful, patient Boy
Sabeeh Sabeeh means beautiful, a narrator of hadith, pleasant, fond Boy
Sabeer Sabeer means patient, tolerant Boy
Sabhaa Sabhaa means pretty, beautiful, graceful, bright like morning Boy
Sabhajit Sabhajit means essence of love, favour, fortune of love of god Boy
Sabhrant Sabhrant means rich Boy
Sabhya Sabhya means refined Boy
Sabibah Sabibah means water that is poured Boy
Sabih Sabih means beautiful, a narrator of hadith, pleasant, fond Boy
Sabil Sabil means path, way Boy
Sabiq Sabiq means another name of god, primary, first Boy
Sabir Sabir means patient, tolerant Boy
Sabit Sabit means strong, well-established Boy
Sabjan Boy
Sabjeet Sabjeet means essence of love, favor, fortune of love of god Boy
Sabnidhaan Sabnidhaan means patience Boy
Saboor Saboor means patient, tolerant, forbearing, preserving Boy
Sabooree Sabooree means winner of every thing Boy