Poorvaphalguni Nakshatra Baby Girl Names

Modaki Modaki means delightful Girl
Modini Modini means happy, cheerful Girl
Mohana Mohana means attractive, charming, infatuating, beautiful Girl
Mohanadhvani Mohanadhvani means name of a raga Girl
Mohanakalyani Mohanakalyani means name of a raga Girl
Mohanam Mohanam means beautiful, good looking Girl
Mohanapriya Mohanapriya means loving, attractive & charming Girl
Mohanasri Mohanasri means attractive, charming Girl
Mohani Mohani means charming, infatuating, beautiful, an apsara or celestial nymph Girl
Mohasha Girl
Mohini Mohini means enchantress, charming, fascinating, jasmine, an apsara or celestial Girl
Mohisha Mohisha means intellect Girl
Mohita Mohita means attracted, infatuated, bewildered Girl
Mohitha Mohitha means attracted, infatuated, bewildered Girl
Mohitra Girl
Mohona Mohona means attractive Girl
Mojith Girl
Moksha Moksha means salvation Girl
Mokshita Mokshita means liberated, free Girl
Mokshitha Mokshitha means liberated, free Girl
Moksin Moksin means free from attachment, seeking salvation, liberated, free Girl
Molina Molina means tree that grows from root Girl
Molisha Molisha means princess Girl
Molshree Molshree means orange colored very fragrant flowers which grow on a tree Girl
Molu Girl
Mona Mona means little noble one, solitary, single, wish Girl
Monal Monal means bird Girl
Monalika Monalika means one of the thousand names of the hindu goddess Girl
Monalisa Monalisa means noble Girl
Monashini Monashini means excellent Girl
Moneesha Moneesha means intelligent, lord krishna, beautiful, solitary Girl
Moneshaa Moneshaa means intelligent, lord krishna Girl
Monisha Monisha means intelligent, lord krishna, beautiful, solitary Girl
Monishka Monishka means intelligence Girl
Monpriti Monpriti means heart lover Girl
Monu Monu means cool soft; pretty Girl
Moon Moon means the moon Girl
Moonika Girl
Moshika Moshika means princess Girl
Mothi Mothi means pearl Girl
Mothika Girl
Moubani Moubani means a flower Girl
Moukthika Moukthika means pearl Girl
Moulana Moulana means silent; calm Girl
Moulika Moulika means the original, love Girl
Moulya Moulya means together Girl
Moumita Moumita means sweet friend Girl
Mouna Mouna means silent Girl
Mounavi Mounavi means silent person Girl
Mounica Mounica means silence Girl
Mounika Mounika means silence Girl
Mounisha Mounisha means goddess parvati; moon light Girl
Mounitha Girl
Mourin Girl
Mousami Mousami means seasonal Girl
Moushumee Moushumee means derived from the word mausam which means season, and can also be mausami Girl
Moutuli Girl
Taalika Taalika means palm, calm, nightingale, key, a list Girl
Taamasi Taamasi means night, rest, a river Girl
Taanaya Taanaya means daughter, born of the body Girl
Taani Taani means encouragement; faith Girl
Taania Taania means daughter, born of the body Girl
Taara Taara means star, the pupil of the eye, meteor, fragance Girl
Taaraka Taaraka means star, meteor, pupil of the eye Girl
Taarika Taarika means a small star, starlet, divine, film actress Girl
Taarini Taarini means saviour, she who frees, she who delivers from sin, another name for goddess durga, goddess parvati Girl
Tabu Tabu means army; excellent; army body Girl
Tahaswini Girl
Taheli Girl
Tahnyat Tahnyat means congratulate Girl
Taiunaya Taiunaya means absorbed in, identical Girl
Tajagna Tajagna means brilliant Girl
Takshaya Girl
Takshii Takshii means eyes like a pigeon Girl
Takshika Takshika means bliss Girl
Takshvi Takshvi means goddess lakshmi Girl
Takshya Girl
Taksvih Girl
Talli Talli means young Girl
Taluni Taluni means young Girl
Tama Tama means night Girl
Tamali Tamali means a tree with very dark bark Girl
Tamalika Tamalika means belonging to a place full of tamal Girl
Tamanna Tamanna means desire, wish, ambition Girl
Tamasa Tamasa means a river, darkness Girl
Tamashree Tamashree means whole, perfect Girl
Tamasi Tamasi means night, rest, a river Girl
Tamasvi Tamasvi means darkness Girl
Tamasvini Tamasvini means night Girl
Tamayanthy Girl
Tambura Tambura means a musical instrument Girl
Tamil Selvi Tamil Selvi means pride of tamilains Girl
Tamilarasi Tamilarasi means queen of tamil language Girl
Tamira Tamira means magic Girl
Tammana Tammana means desire, wish Girl
Tamsa Tamsa means name of a river Girl
Tanarupi Tanarupi means name of a raga Girl
Tanashvi Tanashvi means a blessing for richness or wealthiness Girl
Tanasi Tanasi means beautiful princess Girl
Tanavi Tanavi means attractive, slender Girl