Baby Girl Name Starting With D

Daakshya Daakshya means cleverness, honesty, brilliance, efficient Girl
Daama Daama means prosperous, self-possessed, river, ocean Girl
Daamini Daamini means lightning, conquering, self-controlled Girl
Daana Daana means learned, intelligent, grain, wise, another name for god Girl
Daania Daania means gift of god, beautiful Girl
Daanya Daanya means gift of god, beautiful Girl
Daaria Daaria means wealthy, sea, learned, knowing Girl
Daayini Daayini means giver Girl
Dad Dad means old arabic name Girl
Dadhichi Dadhichi means name of a sage Girl
Dadhija Dadhija means daughter of milk Girl
Dafiya Dafiya means narrator of hadith, daughter Girl
Dafiyah Dafiyah means a narrator of hadith Girl
Dahaa Dahaa means blazing, very bright Girl
Dahab Dahab means gold Girl
Dahma Dahma means she was a scholar of religion Girl
Dahusat Girl
Daiba Daiba means assiduous, persistent Girl
Dainika Girl
Daivi Daivi means pious soule Girl
Dajshi Dajshi means glorious Girl
Daksha Daksha means the earth, sati, another name for paarvati (wife of lord shiva) Girl
Dakshaja Dakshaja means daughter Girl
Dakshakanya Dakshakanya means able daughter Girl
Dakshana Dakshana means sweet Girl
Dakshata Dakshata means skill Girl
Dakshayajnavinaashini Dakshayajnavinaashini means interrupter of the sacrifice of daksha Girl
Dakshayani Dakshayani means goddess durga, the daughter of daksh Girl
Dakshhtha Dakshhtha means efficiency, care Girl
Dakshika Dakshika means daughter of brahma Girl
Dakshina Dakshina means a donation to god or priest, competent, talented, with a southern orientation Girl
Dakshinya Dakshinya means goddess parvati, daughter of daksh (daughter of daksha prajapati) Girl
Dakshita Dakshita means skill Girl
Dalaja Dalaja means produced from petals Girl
Dalal Dalal means treated, touched in a kind Girl
Daleela Daleela means guide, proof Girl
Dali Dali means drawn up of god Girl
Dalia Dalia means dahlia, flower Girl
Daliya Daliya means dahlia Girl
Daliyah Daliyah means grape vine Girl
Damarugapriya Damarugapriya means name of a raga Girl
Damaruki Damaruki means sound of emotion Girl
Damayanthi Damayanthi means nalas wife, beautiful, kind of a jasmine Girl
Damayanti Damayanti means nalas wife, beautiful, kind of a jasmine Girl
Damini Damini means lightning, conquering, self-controlled Girl
Damyanti Damyanti means nalas wife, beautiful Girl
Daneen Daneen means princess Girl
Dani Dani means god is my judge Girl
Danika Danika means morning star Girl
Danish Ara Danish Ara means endowed with wisdom, learning Girl
Daniya Daniya means near, close Girl
Daniyah Daniyah means closer, nearer Girl
Dansika Girl
Danushri Danushri means the bow or name of a hindu rashi sagittarius Girl
Danusiya Danusiya means glow Girl
Danvi Danvi means charitable Girl
Danyata Danyata means success, fulfilment, money and good luck, thankful, blessed Girl
Darakhshaan Darakhshaan means bright, shining, pearl-like Girl
Daria Daria means wealthy, sea, learned, knowing Girl
Daridriya Dhwamsini Daridriya Dhwamsini means destroyer of poverty, goddess lakshmi Girl
Daridriyanashini Daridriyanashini means remover of poverty, goddess lakshmi Girl
Darika Darika means maiden Girl
Daritree Daritree means the earth Girl
Darkhshanda Darkhshanda means splendid, glittering Girl
Darminee Darminee means religious Girl
Darpana Darpana means a small mirror Girl
Darpanika Darpanika means a small mirror Girl
Darra Darra means pearl, brilliant, teat Girl
Darsatha Darsatha means visible Girl
Darsha Darsha means to see, to perceive, to have vision Girl
Darshana Darshana means paying respect, vision, knowledge, observation, doctrine, philosophy Girl
Darshani Darshani means the one who blessed, beautiful, another name for goddess durga Girl
Darshi Darshi means blessings, lord krishna, moonlight Girl
Darshika Darshika means perceiver Girl
Darshini Darshini means the one who blessed, beautiful, another name for goddess durga Girl
Darshinika Girl
Darshita Darshita means sight, shown Girl
Darshitha Darshitha means sight, shown Girl
Darshna Darshna means pray to god Girl
Darsika Darsika means perceiver Girl
Darya Darya means river, possesses a lot, wealthy Girl
Dasha Dasha means circumstance, period of life, wick, condition, degree Girl
Dashami Dashami means in hindu traditional calender dashami means its 10th day Girl
Dashini Girl
Dastiaar Dastiaar means helper, assistant Girl
Daulah Daulah means wealth, empire, state Girl
Dawha Dawha means lofty tree with many branches Girl
Dawlat Khatoon Dawlat Khatoon means noble, royal Girl
Daxa Daxa means clever; glorious; brave; god gift; excellent Girl
Daxita Daxita means expert Girl
Daya Daya means kindness, goddess, mercy, favour, compassion Girl
Dayaa Dayaa means kindness, goddess, mercy, favour, compassion Girl
Dayamani Dayamani means kindness Girl
Dayamayee Dayamayee means kind, merciful Girl
Dayamayi Dayamayi means kind, merciful Girl
Dayana Dayana means gold Girl
Dayanishka Girl
Dayanita Dayanita means tender Girl
Dayashree Dayashree means masterful teacher Girl
Dayawanti Dayawanti means goddess of kindness Girl