Baby Boy Name Starting With B

Baadal Baadal means cloud Boy
Baadi Baadi means distinct, evident, plain, wonderful, marvelous, unique Boy
Baadiyah Baadiyah means name of a sahabiyyah, desert Boy
Baahi Baahi means glorious, magnificent, splendid, brilliant, shining Boy
Baahir Baahir means dazzling, brilliant Boy
Baal Baal means young, infant, strong, strength, vigour, bridge, victory Boy
Baala Baala means child, a young girl, vigour, strength Boy
Baaligh Baaligh means major, eloquent, learned, vivid Boy
Baar Baar means just, pious Boy
Baare Baare means brilliant, superior Boy
Baari Baari means one of the names of god, evolver a name of allah, free from the hell Boy
Baariq Baariq means shining, lighting, illuminating, glitter, flash, luster, bright Boy
Baashir Baashir means seeing, wise, bringer of good news Boy
Baasim Baasim means smiling, happy Boy
Baasir Baasir means seeing, wise, bringer of good news Boy
Baaz Baaz means falcon, music, to play an instrument, eagle Boy
Babala Babala means above Boy
Babaljeet Babaljeet means full with love Boy
Baban Baban means conqueror Boy
Babeesh Boy
Baber Baber means courageous, lion Boy
Babik Babik means law, a king name Boy
Babil Babil means babylon Boy
Bableen Bableen means imbued in lords name Boy
Babrak Babrak means little basilica flower Boy
Babu Babu means a pet name Boy
Babul Babul means father Boy
Bachanbir Bachanbir means brave who keeps his promise Boy
Bachint Bachint means without worry Boy
Bachittar Boy
Badal Badal means cloud Boy
Badari Badari means a place sacred to lord vishnu Boy
Badeeh Badeeh means wondrous Boy
Badi Badi means distinct, evident, plain, wonderful, marvelous, unique Boy
Badi Al Zaman Badi Al Zaman means the marvel of time Boy
Badiul Alam Badiul Alam means unique in the world Boy
Badiuz Zaman Badiuz Zaman means genius of the time Boy
Badr Al Din Badr Al Din means full moon of the faith Boy
Badr Udeen Badr Udeen means full moon of the faith Boy
Badran Badran means the most beautiful Boy
Badri Badri means {h}lord vishnu, {m}bright night Boy
Badri Narayanan Badri Narayanan means lord vishnu, badri - cloud, narayana -son of nar or the original man, man who lives in water i.e., vishnu Boy
Badrinath Badrinath means lord of mount badri Boy
Badriprasad Badriprasad means gift of badri Boy
Badrud Duja Badrud Duja means full moon of the dark Boy
Badruddin Badruddin means full moon of religion (islam) Boy
Baghawi Baghawi means resident of bagh, baghshur Boy
Baghinder Baghinder means tiger, king Boy
Bagira Bagira means loving & nurturing Boy
Bagyaraj Bagyaraj means lord of luck Boy
Baha Baha means beautiful, magnificent, shining Boy
Baha Udeen Baha Udeen means the magnificent of the faith Boy
Bahadar Bahadar means one who is brave and corageous Boy
Bahadurjit Bahadurjit means victory of the brave Boy
Bahat Bahat means beauty Boy
Bahauddin Bahauddin means glow of the religion (islam) Boy
Baheen Baheen means exalted, great, noble Boy
Bahhas Bahhas means examiner Boy
Bahi Bahi means glorious, magnificent, splendid, brilliant, shining Boy
Bahili Boy
Bahir Bahir means dazzling, brilliant Boy
Bahirun Bahirun means brilliant Boy
Bahiy Udeen Bahiy Udeen means the magnificent of the faith Boy
Bahiyud Din Bahiyud Din means radiant Boy
Bahjat Bahjat means splendors, pl of bahjah, d Boy
Bahlawan Bahlawan means acrobat Boy
Bahman Bahman means good mind, avalanche, 11th month of iranian calendar Boy
Bahram Bahram means victory, mars Boy
Bahrawar Bahrawar means lion heart Boy
Bahu Bahu means rod, a saints name Boy
Bahubali Bahubali means a jain tirthakar Boy
Bahul Bahul means a star Boy
Bahuleya Bahuleya means lord kartikeya, bahu - lot, abundant Boy
Bahuleyan Bahuleyan means lord murugan, bahu - lot, abundant Boy
Bahuliya Bahuliya means lord kartikeya, bahu - lot, abundant Boy
Bahumanya Bahumanya means honored by many, universally respected and valued Boy
Bahurai Bahurai means with great riches Boy
Bahwaasy Bahwaasy means one of the kauravas Boy
Bahz Bahz means name of bin hakeem Boy
Baidyanath Baidyanath means master of medicines, the king of medicine, lord of physicians Boy
Baikuntha Baikuntha means heaven Boy
Bailul Bailul means freshness Boy
Bair Bair means brave Boy
Bajala Bajala means generous woman, honored, venerated Boy
Bajdan Bajdan means residnt Boy
Bajinath Bajinath means lord shiva, lord of physicians, epithet of shiva, epithet of dhanvantari Boy
Bajrang Bajrang means a name of lord hanuman Boy
Bajrangbali Bajrangbali means with strength of diamond, lord hanuman Boy
Bakeet Bakeet means lover, paramour Boy
Bakhit Bakhit means lucky, fortunate Boy
Bakhsh Bakhsh means gift, fortunate, give Boy
Bakhsheesh Bakhsheesh means the blessed one Boy
Bakht Rawan Bakht Rawan means running luck Boy
Bakhtari Bakhtari means ibn al-mukhtar Boy
Bakhtawar Bakhtawar means one who brings good luck Boy
Bakir Bakir means early Boy
Bakkar Bakkar means one who leaves early in the morning Boy
Bakool Bakool means flower, clever, patient, circumspect, attentive, another name for shiva Boy
Bakr Bakr means old arabic name Boy
Bakri Bakri means one who starts work early Boy