Baby Girl Name Starting With O

Obaidiyah Obaidiyah means bondswoman of allah Girl
Odathi Odathi means refreshing Girl
Oditi Oditi means dawn Girl
Oeshi Oeshi means divine, rose Girl
Oindrila Oindrila means another name for the wife of indra (another name of the wife of lord indra) Girl
Oishani Oishani means another name of young goddess parvati Girl
Oishi Oishi means divine, rose Girl
Oja Oja means vitality Girl
Ojal Ojal means vision Girl
Ojala Ojala means light, sunshine Girl
Ojasvi Ojasvi means bright Girl
Ojaswani Ojaswani means all day singing Girl
Ojaswi Ojaswi means bright Girl
Ojaswini Ojaswini means lustrous Girl
Ojaswita Ojaswita means bright brightness, a person symbolic of brightness Girl
Olevia Olevia means like olive Girl
Oma Oma means life giver Girl
Omaira Omaira means star Girl
Omaja Omaja means result of spiritual unity Girl
Omala Omala means earth Girl
Omana Omana means a woman Girl
Omera Omera means great personality Girl
Omi Girl
Omisha Omisha means smile, goddess of birth &death Girl
Omkareshwari Omkareshwari means goddess parvati, gauri Girl
Omkari Omkari means religious word om Girl
Ommata Ommata means girl slave Girl
Omvati Omvati means sacred, having the power of om Girl
Omysha Omysha means smile, goddess of birth &death Girl
Onaifa Onaifa means dignified Girl
Onalika Onalika means image Girl
Oni Oni means shelter Girl
Onima Onima means analysis Girl
Oopajai Oopajai means dwell, reside Girl
Oorja Oorja means energy, affectionate, daughter, nutrition, breath Girl
Oraida Oraida means eloquent Girl
Oriana Oriana means french, rising sun, gold, dawn Girl
Orpita Orpita means offering Girl
Orwiya Orwiya means female mountain goat Girl
Orzala Orzala means brightness of fire Girl
Oshma Oshma means summer season Girl
Oshmi Oshmi means personality Girl
Ovia Ovia means painting, artist, beautiful drawing Girl
Oviya Oviya means painting, artist, beautiful drawing Girl
Oyshee Oyshee means divine, rose Girl
Ozra Ozra means virgin, virgin mary Girl
Ozza Ozza means a baby fawn Girl