Top 100 Muslim Baby Names

Aaban Aaban means more clear, 8th persian month Boy
Aafreen Aafreen means encouragement, praise, blessing Boy
Harshit Harshit means beautiful, friend, colleague Boy
Aafa Aafa means forgiver Boy
Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahman means servant of the merciful one Boy
Aadheen Aadheen means obedient, submissive Boy
Adil Adil means judge, honest, upright, justice, sincere, just Boy
Aadab Aadab means respect, hope and need Boy
Abdul Wahid Abdul Wahid means servant of the one, servant of god Boy
Abidin Abidin means pl of abid i.e. worshipper Boy
Aadil Aadil means honorable judge, justice, righteous Boy
Aabdar Aabdar means bright, like glass Boy
Aadam Aadam means the first prophet of allah Boy
Abidian Abidian means worshipers Boy
Aabid Aabid means worshipper of god Boy
Abdul Vakash Abdul Vakash means knowledge Boy
Aamir Aamir means ruler, prince, rich, prosperous Boy
Abisali Abisali means warrior in islam Boy
Akbar Akbar means powerful Boy
Aasif Aasif means bold, courageous, an able minister, forgiveness Boy
Abaan Abaan means more clear, 8th persian month Boy
Abdul Noor Abdul Noor means slave of the one who is light, servant of the light Boy
Abbas Abbas means description of a lion Boy
Aadhil Aadhil means honorable judge, justice, righteous Boy
Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahim means servant of the most compassionate, slave of the compassionate Boy
Ahmar Ahmar means immortal Boy
Aaftab Aaftab means the sun, sunlight, brilliance Boy
Afran Afran means noble man Boy
Aatiq Aatiq means ancient, noble Boy
Aagha Aagha means pre-eminent, master, chief, elder brother, another name for god Boy
Abdus Salam Abdus Salam means servant of the all-peaceable Boy
Abdul Shakoor Abdul Shakoor means servant of the all-thankful Boy
Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Ghaffar means servant of the all-forgiving Boy
Abdal Abdal means slave of the high Boy
Aasim Aasim means limitless, protecter Boy
Afrad Afrad means single, unique Boy
Abdus Sami Abdus Sami means servant of the all-hearing (allah) Boy
Aazan Aazan means call for the prayer Boy
Abdul Sattar Abdul Sattar means the servant of the protector Boy
Aashiq Aashiq means adorer, lover, suitor Boy
Abdul Aleem Abdul Aleem means servant of the all-knowing, servant of the omniscient Boy
Abdul Matin Abdul Matin means slave of the firm, servant of the strong (allah) Boy
Abdul Maalik Abdul Maalik means servant of the owner (allah), servant of the king (allah) Boy
Adyan Adyan means name of a prophet, a nabee Boy
Abdul Ghafur Abdul Ghafur means servant of the forgiver Boy
Aalam Aalam means universe, the whole world Boy
Aashiq Ali Aashiq Ali means adorer of ali Boy
Abdul Latif Abdul Latif means servant of the kind, all-gentle (allah) Boy
Abdus Shakur Abdus Shakur means servant of the appreciative Boy
Abdur Raheem Abdur Raheem means servant of the most merciful Boy
Adham Adham means the first prophet of allah Boy
Aarman Aarman means hope or desire, army man, wish Boy
Aakif Aakif means attached, intent Boy
Afiq Afiq means honest Boy
Aariz Aariz means respectable man, intelligent Boy
Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahman means the most compassionate, the benficent, the gracious Boy
Abrad Abrad means hail, mail Boy
Aizat Aizat means sweetness Boy
Aashim Aashim means limitless, protecter Boy
Adiy Adiy means a companion of the prophet, also the name of the son of hatim tiay known for his generosity, also the son of thabit had this name Boy
Abidullah Abidullah means worshipper of allah Boy
Abrar Abrar means petty, handsome Boy
Abd Al-Ala Abd Al-Ala means slave of the high Boy
Abeel Abeel means healthy, vanity, breath, breathing Boy
Adeel Adeel means judge, honest, upright, justice, sincere, just Boy
Adut Adut means gift of god Boy
Abdul Rabb Abdul Rabb means slave of the lord Boy
Abdus Shaheed Abdus Shaheed means servant of the witness, slave of the witness Boy
Abdul Wajid Abdul Wajid means servant of the finder, slave of the finder, perceiver Boy
Al-Awwal Al-Awwal means the first Boy
Agharr Agharr means handsome, beautiful, distinguished illustrious, noble, magnanimous name of a companion of the prophet, bin al-muzan Boy
Abdul Baaqi Abdul Baaqi means servant of the everlasting, slave of the eternal Boy
Aas Aas means hope Boy
Abdul Baari Abdul Baari means servant of the creator, slave of the creator Boy
Aasir Aasir means captivating, fascinating, devout, active Boy
Almir Almir means prince Boy
Aali Aali means sublime, lofty, high, tall, excellent, noble Boy
Abdul Khaliq Abdul Khaliq means servant of the creator Boy
Ajab Ajab means wonder Boy
Abdul Baasit Abdul Baasit means servant of the expander, extender Boy
Abeed Abeed means worshipper of god Boy
Abdul Maane Abdul Maane means servant of the withholder Boy
Aamil Aamil means invaluable, inaccessible, exalted, doer Boy
Aashir Aashir means living, captivating, fascinating Boy
Abram Abram means need, strong grip Boy
Abdul Hameed Abdul Hameed means servant of the praiseworthy, the ever praised Boy
Abdul Hafeez Abdul Hafeez means servant of the guardian (allah), servant of the protector Boy
Abdul Wasi Abdul Wasi means slave of the all embracing Boy
Abdulla Abdulla means servant of god (allah) Boy
Abdan Abdan means is derived from abd, a man Boy
Abdul Qahaar Abdul Qahaar means servant of the subduer, the almighty Boy
Baare Baare means brilliant, superior Boy
Al-Waliyy Al-Waliyy means the protector Boy
Abid Abid means worshipper of god Boy
Abdul Rafi Abdul Rafi means one who raises intellect, esteem, one who elevates, slave of the exalter Boy
Adeebah Adeebah means one who has excellent manners Boy
Abdul Waris Abdul Waris means servant of the survivor Boy
Abdul Muqtadir Abdul Muqtadir means servant of the powerful Boy
Abdul Karim Abdul Karim means servant of the noble, generous one Boy
Abdul Naseer Abdul Naseer means slave of the helper Boy