Top 100 Muslim Baby Names

Harshit Harshit means beautiful, friend, colleague Boy
Aafreen Aafreen means encouragement, praise, blessing Boy
Aaban Aaban means more clear, 8th persian month Boy
Aafa Aafa means forgiver Boy
Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahman means servant of the merciful one Boy
Akbar Akbar means powerful Boy
Aadheen Aadheen means obedient, submissive Boy
Abdul Vakash Abdul Vakash means knowledge Boy
Abisali Abisali means warrior in islam Boy
Abdal Abdal means slave of the high Boy
Abbas Abbas means description of a lion Boy
Aazan Aazan means call for the prayer Boy
Abdul Wahid Abdul Wahid means servant of the one, servant of god Boy
Basit Basit means vast, spacious, one who stretches, enlarges Boy
Abdan Abdan means is derived from abd, a man Boy
Afiq Afiq means honest Boy
Aarman Aarman means hope or desire, army man, wish Boy
Aizat Aizat means sweetness Boy
Sahil Sahil means sea shore, guide, shore, bank Boy
Abdus Sami Abdus Sami means servant of the all-hearing (allah) Boy
Abdus Shakur Abdus Shakur means servant of the appreciative Boy
Affan Affan means name of caliph uthmans father, forgiving person Boy
Abdul Baaqi Abdul Baaqi means servant of the everlasting, slave of the eternal Boy
Abdul Moakhir Abdul Moakhir means servant of the retarder Boy
Asbagh Asbagh means colored animal, huge flood, dyer Boy
Bashaar Bashaar means bringer of glad tidings, human being Boy
Arquan Arquan means principles Boy
Abdul Maane Abdul Maane means servant of the withholder Boy
Abdul Rabb Abdul Rabb means slave of the lord Boy
Aamir Aamir means ruler, prince, rich, prosperous Boy
Abdul Muqtadir Abdul Muqtadir means servant of the powerful Boy
Baare Baare means brilliant, superior Boy
Abdul Momit Abdul Momit means servant of the death-giver Boy
Abdul Jame Abdul Jame means servant of the gatherer Boy
Al-Awwal Al-Awwal means the first Boy
Abdul Jaleel Abdul Jaleel means servant of the great, revered, servant of the exalted (allah) Boy
Baz Baz means falcon, music, to play an instrument, eagle Boy
Baleegh Baleegh means major, eloquent, learned, vivid Boy
Baal Baal means young, infant, strong, strength, vigour, bridge, victory Boy
Aauf Aauf means awf guest, fragrance, lion Boy
Abwan Abwan means one whose face glows Boy
Afaaq Afaaq means the place where earth & sky meet Boy
Abdul Mumin Abdul Mumin means servant of the guardian of faith Boy
Badrud Duja Badrud Duja means full moon of the dark Boy
Abdul Hameed Abdul Hameed means servant of the praiseworthy, the ever praised Boy
Daghfal Daghfal means name of ibn-hanzalah Boy
Abdur Rashid Abdur Rashid means servant of the right-minded, slave of the guide Boy
Abdul Hafeez Abdul Hafeez means servant of the guardian (allah), servant of the protector Boy
Dhakwan Dhakwan means intelligent Boy
Bashar Bashar means bringer of glad tidings, human being Boy
Abdus Subbooh Abdus Subbooh means slave of the extremely pure Boy
Islam Islam means submission to allah Boy
Baasim Baasim means smiling, happy Boy
Alburz Alburz means mountain Boy
Abiel Abiel means god is my father Boy
Dihyat Dihyat means companion of prophet muhammad Boy
Hameed Hameed means praising (god), loving (god), friend, praiser, all-laudable Boy
Hammad Hammad means one who praises god Boy
Abzari Abzari means seeds, spice, seeds man, one who sows, the persian scribe and memorizer of tradition, abu-ishaq ibrahim had this name Boy
Kiyan Kiyan means kings, royal Boy
Ataubaq Ataubaq means handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share Boy
Aatiq Aatiq means ancient, noble Boy
Abdul Qahaar Abdul Qahaar means servant of the subduer, the almighty Boy
Abdul Qabiz Abdul Qabiz means servant of the withholder Boy
Fahd Fahd means lynx Boy
Abdul Ghafur Abdul Ghafur means servant of the forgiver Boy
Abyan Abyan means eloquent Boy
Abdus Shaheed Abdus Shaheed means servant of the witness, slave of the witness Boy
Ahmar Ahmar means immortal Boy
Ahyan Ahyan means gift of god Boy
Abdul Matin Abdul Matin means slave of the firm, servant of the strong (allah) Boy
Dakhil Dakhil means foreigner, stranger Boy
Abdul Muhaymin Abdul Muhaymin means slave of the protector Boy
Aamirah Aamirah means imperial, abundant, inhabited Boy
Naushad Naushad means happy Boy
Ashmath Ashmath means correct path, straight path Boy
Ghazanfar Ghazanfar means lion Boy
Hakam Hakam means arbitrator, judge Boy
Hasnain Hasnain means the two hasans Boy
Hasif Hasif means judicious, wise, prudent Boy
Abrad Abrad means hail, mail Boy
Habib Habib means beloved Boy
Baqi Baqi means permanent, everlasting Boy
Daeej Daeej means one who has large beautiful eyes Boy
Abdul Naseer Abdul Naseer means slave of the helper Boy
Abdul Noor Abdul Noor means slave of the one who is light, servant of the light Boy
Farin Farin means adventurous Boy
Fazalah Boy
Jawad Jawad means liberal, eternal, jawad Boy
Faraz Faraz means comfort, relief, ease, repose Boy
Dinar Dinar means gold coin (name of grandfather of abu bin thabit) Boy
Baree Baree means one of the names of god, evolver a name of allah, free from the hell Boy
Jaah Jaah means respect, rank Boy
Ghayoor Ghayoor means self respecting Boy
Intaj Intaj means king, magnificent Boy
Basr Basr means eye-sight, wisdom, sight Boy
Ghassan Ghassan means ardor, vigor of youth Boy
Nusayb Nusayb means who fought in the early wars of islam Boy
Kinza Kinza means hidden treasure Boy
Ishir Ishir means another name of agni, inspirational, strong, refreshing, powerful, fast, agile Boy